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ON:meedi:a - Management of Museum Content

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Transcript of ON:meedi:a - Management of Museum Content

Publish from one source to many
platforms with your own templates.
Authoring Environment
Picture Tagging
Engage with your audience and let them tag your images with ON:meedi:a. Create a little game or competition to gain more visibility with your audience and have them engaged even if they are not within your exhibition space itself.
Virtual exhibition
Create a virtual exhibition with ON:meedi:a to provide further information on a current exhibition you are running or to promote the work from featured artists. There are different possibilities to be explored for this scenario.
Augmenting physical works of a museum/gallery with digital information using QR-Codes.
ON:meedi:a is the brand of IM3I+, a further development of IM3I, a project that was partially supported by the FP7 Programme of the European Commission under Grant No. 222267. IM3I+ is co-financed by the European Commission under the FP7 programme and aims to push multimedia research into practice.
Pushing multimedia research into practice
- Management of Museum Content -
Collection Management
Contact Management
Loan Management
Authoring Environment

Collection Management
Contact Management
Loan Management
Managing of all media assets and digitized content in a web-based ecosystem, which allows you to annotate your material and easy retrieve it again.
Manage the contacts you exchange exhibits with in the same web-based application.
Keep an overview who lent your physical objects at the moment and which media are available for each exhibit.
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