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Jane Eyre ABC Book

No description

Aliya Gardner

on 5 October 2015

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Transcript of Jane Eyre ABC Book

A: Attic
C: Charlotte Brontë
-Charlotte Bronte wrote Jane Eyre at the age of 30-31, which launched her into instant literary fame. She died a mere eight years later of pneumonia.
D: Death
-Throughout the novel, many people pass away. From Jane's good friend Helen, to her Uncle Reed, to her cousin John, death is a common thing.
B: Bessie Lee
-Bessie is one of the very few whom stuck up for Jane and genuinely cared for her. She even took the liberty of visiting Jane when she was on the road; she treats Jane kindly and with some respect.
By: Aliya Gardner
Jane Eyre ABC Book
R: Mrs. Reed
-Mrs. Reed is Jane's horrible aunt whom she was taken in by after her parents died. While she spoils her own children, she treats Jane as a servant and gives her no compassion or respect.
Q: Quiet
-When Jane Eyre is staying with her Aunt in the beginning of the book, she is accustomed to being quiet. Whether it be when she is eating, reading, or cleaning, Jane has to keep to herself at all times.
E: Edward Rochester
-Mr. Rochester, like Jane, is not seen as conventionally attractive. However, despite his flaws, Jane overall enjoyed his presence.
V: Adéle Varens
-Jane Eyre is the governess for Adele Varens. Adele is an orphan, whom Mr. Rochester took in due to him having an affair with her mother. She is a little girl who lives at Thornfield Hall.
P: Grace Poole
-Grace Poole is a servant at Thornfield Hall where Jane works as a governess. Jane originally suspects Grace is the source of the eerie laughter, but soon finds out that is is Rochester's wife.
U: Uncle Reed
-As Jane Eyre's uncle, he decided to take her in when her parents passed away. However, after a short amount of time he passed away as well, leaving Jane with her terrible aunt. One day when Jane is being punished, she believes she is being haunted by her uncle's ghost.
W: Worthless
-While staying with the Reeds, Jane always had a feeling of worthlessness about her. The Reed family constantly reminded her that she was below them, and that she meant nothing.
O: Orphan
-At a young age, both of Jane's parents died, leaving her an orphan. This caused her to go live with the Reeds, her aunt and cousins.
H: Thornfield Hall
-When Jane searches for a job as a governess, she gets a reply from Thornfield Hall. She travels to Thornfield Hall to be a little girl's governess, and this is where she meets Mr. Rochester.
-At Thornfield Hall, Bertha first sets fire to Mr. Rochester's clothes. Later in the book, Jane learns that Bertha managed to burn down Thornfield by setting Jane's room on fire.
F: Fire
-Georgiana Reed was Jane Eyre's cousin, and was much more liked by the servants and Ms. Reed. Part of this had to do with her adorable demeanor to the servants (as a child), and her looks.
G: Georgiana Reed
-The supervisor of the boarding school that Jane attends, Mr. Brocklehurst is extremely disliked by the students. He intimidates the girls, and enjoys keeping them in barely livable conditions, claiming he is doing "god's work".
M: Mr. Brocklehurst
-Jane is a very plain looking girl. Because of this, the servants find it hard to sympathize with her or show her compassion.
J: Jane Eyre
-While at Lowood Institution, Jane and her peers kept a garden. They grew flowers that had an unusual xenial affect on the plants.
X: Xenial
-While Jane is staying with the Reeds, she constantly yearns for a better life (to go to school, have a better family, etc.). She is finally able to stop yearning when she is informed one day that she will be attending Lowood Institution.
Y: Yearning
-Jane Eyre finds a friend and a confidant in Miss Temple at Lowood Instituion. She tries her best to protect Jane and the other girls from Mr. Brocklehurst's anger.
T: Miss Temple
-While Jane is locked in the red room her unlce died in, she has a nightmare that her uncle's ghost is haunting her. This frightens Jane so much, as she believes it to be real, that she becomes physically
N: Nightmare
-Lowood Institution is where Jane Eyre is sent to school. It's a very plain and somewhat depressing place, where Jane stays to teach for a short time before going to Thornfield. Here she meets multiple influential people who give her life much more meaning.
L: Lowood Institution
-Blanche Ingram is the daughter of one Mr. Rochester's neighbors; she is interested in Mr. Rochester due to his fortune. She is a very selfish, but beautiful person.
I: Blanche Ingram
-Despite everything that has happened to her, Jane Eyre has managed to stay kind to everyone around her. Being kind has allowed Jane to make friends where she didn't think possible, and to keep an optimistic outlook on her life.
K: Kind
-Jane Eyre has lots of zeal for teaching and learning. First, she is eager to leave the Reeds to go to school. She then finds passion in academics, and wishes to become a governess.
Z: Zeal
-Jane's bully of a cousin, John Reed, commits suicide after he gambles all of his money away and is swallowed by debt. Only his mother, Mrs. Reed, grieves for him.
S: Suicide
-When Jane is staying at Thornfield Hall, she hears and notices strange things. Some of these occurrences begin to make sense when Jane learns that Mr. Rochester has been hiding is psychotic wife in the attic.
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