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Life Cycle Of A Corn Plant

No description

Cole Nicklason

on 22 June 2014

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Transcript of Life Cycle Of A Corn Plant

This is the time when it has everything besides the corn which is just starting to develop the color changes from light green to dark green it now has stem, roots, flowers but the corn still has to grow so you can eat the cob.
Fun Fact: Did you Know that in spanish corn is called maize.
Mature Plant
Life Cycle Of A Corn Plant
Corn has to be put into the ground 2 inches deep and then has to be watered right after.Corn when it is in seed looks like this. It does not have any layers its texture on the side is smooth to pointy at the tip. They are made when you harvest the seeds but you have to harvest from 4-6 weeks.
Fun fact: You eat the seed dried in popcorn as well as corn on the cob.
This is the color of a seedling that is supposed to be underground the seedling is light green when it is planted in fields. The flower and the corn has not grown yet. It no layers yet but soon it will. Still that does not mean that there is not photosynthesis though.
Fun fact: Did you know that you can grow it underground or in your house even on the table but only for seed to seedling

This is the final proceed of Corn this is when everything is done so you can now eat the corn, plant the corn, sell the corn, feed it to animals or compost the corn. The final color of the plant is Green turning yellow or it is yellow.
Fun fact: Did you know that 1.8% of corn, you eat and 2.0% of corn goes to seed but people over the world eats over 120 million bushels every year also 50.6% goes to animals 7.5% goes to sweeteners like soda pop and candy.

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