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Short story draft day

No description

Elizabeth Brathwaite

on 16 December 2014

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Transcript of Short story draft day

Short story draft day
You also need:
-Two characters with dialogue in each section
2 metaphors/similes
-a flat character
- a static character
Warm Up
If you could write a story about anything (within reason), what would it be and why?
You are writing the story this week!
It needs the following:

1. All five story parts
2. 10 paragraphs of content, dialogue between two characters, and pictures.
3. Several literary and character devices
4. Appropriate content and meaning
5 parts to a story
Exposition: Introduction of characters and backstory
Rising action: Introducing the problem and why the problem is a problem
Climax: The most intense part; the problem becomes exposed to all
Falling action: Solving the problems
Resolution: The problem is laid to rest/solved

This will be done on powerpoint or a similar program.

It is a 60 point test grade.

It is due on Edmodo at the end of class on Thursday.

We will work in the media center on Thursday.

You are working with a partner.
What is your story about?
Let's finish "That Dead Men Rise Up Never"
Let's spend 5 minutes on activity 6.
Now, let's move forward to activity 7.
Finally, let's spend 15 minutes on activity 8. You are writing about the role of murder in the American Dream.
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