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Structure Picture Gallery

No description

Evan Lo

on 28 October 2012

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Transcript of Structure Picture Gallery

WHAT IS A STRUCTURE? A structure is any small or large object that provides support and has an element that is physically or functionally connected to the other elements. A structure can be classified as a natural or a technological structure. It can also be classified as a frame, dome/shell, solid, and a combination structure. SHELL/DOME STRUCTURES Solid Structures Structure Picture Gallery Frame Structures In a shell structure, the outside layer of the structure holds the whole object together and is hollow on the inside. Tins or cans are shell structures. The weight of the liquid or food inside is supported by the skin of the containers. A simple definition of a solid structure:
The structure is solid ALL the way through.
An egyptian pyramid is a great example of a solid structure because it is truly solid all the way through! Evan Lo 8X A frame structure is a a rigid arrangement, or framework structure made of structural components fastened together. If there is no “skin” on them, they are called “open frame”. A open frame structure is like a typical home which has walls and roof framed with lumber prior to being covered with exterior siding and interior drywall. You've probably seen this process taking place in areas of new construction where the wood framing looks like the "skeleton" of the home. This is a frame of a house under construction. It is a frame and technological structure because it has components fastened together and it is man made not natural. HERE ARE SOME OTHER EXAMPLES OF FRAME STRUCTURES. A bicycle frame is a technological and frame structure because it is man-made and it has aluminum fastened/glued together. That's why it's called a bike frame! The Eiffel Tower is a great example of a frame structure because the metal pieces are fastened together with screws and it doesn't have an outer covering, therefore, it is entirely a frame structure. And it is also a open and technological structure. This tin can is a shell and a technological structure. HERE ARE SOME OTHER EXAMPLES OF DOME/SHELL STRUCTURES A egg shell is a shell and a natural structure because it is hollow on the inside and it has a outer layer that holds a liquid together. Get an egg and place it vertically between your index finger and your thumb. Now squeeze hard. You will see that however hard you squeeze, you will not be able to break the egg.
The outer covering of the aircraft is a shell and a technological structure because it is hollow and solid on the inside and it is man-made at the Boeing Factory. The roof of the Rogers Centre in Downtown Toronto is a great example of shell structure. It is a technological and shell structure because it is man-made and it is hollow like the egg shell, but bigger. These are Egyptian Pyramids found in Eygpt An iceberg is a solid structure because it is ice all the way through and it is a natural structure. Cement bricks are solid structures and man-made because they are cement all the way through! The Washington Monument located in the capital of the United States is a solid structure because it is made of the same substance all the way through. A spider web is a is a frame and natural structure because it has components fastened together. This is a open structure HERE ARE SOME OTHER EXAMPLES OF A SOLID STRUCTURE.
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