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Self Harm: Taking Action

Writing Project :3

Alyssa Gillespie

on 26 April 2013

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Transcript of Self Harm: Taking Action

Self Harm: Taking Action How Can We Overcome Self Harm? Why Should You Care? What Is Being Done? Survey Monkey: Results Factors Contributing Action Plan: Though self harm isn't always recognized as a real issue there are people who do realize and have been personally affected by it, they are trying to help end self harm with things like;
The Butterfly Project
The Paper Chain Project
To Write Love On Her Arms
And Love is Louder Mental Illnesses 25 out of 30 http://unknownaction.blogspot.ca/ Basic Information Who: Any one can self harm. There are no particular groups of people. The Butterfly Project The Butterfly project, was
created to help people who have decided they want to stop their habits but don't know where to
start. "A member’s hypnotherapist, who found this idea on an online blog and felt that it was a good
idea that should be promoted as
a distraction." [recoveryourlife.com] The Paper Chain Project The paper chain project was inspired by The Butterfly Project, it's just as simple but is more of a motivator than a distraction. Rules: For everyday without self harm
write the date on a colorful strip
of paper. If relapse occurs add a
white strip of paper with the date
and continue on like regular. It's a
confidence boost to see the
amount of colors is larger than the amount of whites and when if the
urge comes along than just look
at the paper chain and think
how far you've come
[ourroadtorecovery.tumblr.com] To Write Love On Her Arms They began by selling t-shirts to
put their friend from the story
through rehab and today a movie
is being made about them. You can support them by buying their merchandise, spreading the word
about them, or writing love on
your arm. "This began as an attempt to tell a
story and a way to help a friend in
Spring 2006. ... The story’s title
“To Write Love on Her Arms”
was also a goal, believing that a
better life was possible." [twloha.com] Insecurity Family Issues Media Bullying This problem is continuing because the factors above have yet to be fixed, there are still bullies and magazines and problems at home. Self harm is a way to
cope and until people who self harm
are introduced to another way
they think self harm is
their only choice. Know someone who
self harms 15 out of 30 Have been tempted by self
harm 27 out of 30 Understand what self harm is 12 out of 30 Know how to approach self
harm 27 out of 30 Think self harm is an issue 17 out of 30 Think TBP and PCP
actually help. Rules: When feeling the urge to harm, a butterfly would be drawn wherever they would harm. Friends and family can also draw them on and these ones are extra special. If the butterfly is hurt it dies. If more than one butterfly exists
hurting one kills them all. Sources: Jamie Tworkowski - To Write Love on Her Arms Home - 2006 - http://www.twloha.com/vision/ Angela - RecoverYourLife.com - Self Harm Support and Information - Home - http://www.recoveryourlife.com/p... Love is Louder "Individuals, communities, schools
and organizations have embraced
Love is Louder as a way to address
with issues like bullying, negative self-
image, discrimination, loneliness and
depression." "Love is Louder was started by The
Jed Foundation, MTV and Brittany
Snow to support anyone feeling
mistreated, misunderstood or alone." [loveislouder.com] Brittany Snow - MTV - The Jed Foundation - Love is
Louder - September 30 2010 -
http://www.loveislouder.com/ Mental illnesses such as, depression, and bipolar disorder are common factors of self harm.
With things like depression it's normal to see self harm as the only way to feel anything other then an uncontrollable sadness.
Bipolar Disorder is a mood disorder and people struggling with it can feel without control, because of this people suffering from this may see it as the only way to feel in control.
Insecurity is when you aren't confident in yourself, and this can come from rude comments or being overly critical of yourself. Insecurity puts a person in a vulnerable state that leaves them open to be hurt by the smallest things. They believe they deserve to hurt. Families deal with different sorts of issues. In certain situations (i.e. divorce) a child may feel to blame for the issue and see self harm as something they deserve. The media advertises celebrities through TV and magazines and the internet as people who should inspire society, people who one may aspire to be. But when facing the fact that its unrealistic to be these people, some view it as failure and think they aren't good enough. Self harm would be their way of punishing themselves for not be as 'perfect' as the actors and singers. Bullying happens everywhere and recently has been showing how it affects peoples lives. Bullies pick on people they view as 'weak'. Bullies act in three possible ways; cyber, verbal, or physical. Victims of bullying, though not all, start to believe what is being said about them and think they deserve what the bullies do to them and what they do to themselves. Because it's a real issue. That people deal with daily. That needs to be cared about. So that it can get better. What: Self harm is when you intentionally hurt yourself without a desire to kill yourself. Where: People can commit self harm anywhere on (or in) their body. Most commonly found on wrists and thighs. Why: People who self harm have personal issues and lack of self esteem that makes them feel the need to hurt themselves. When: People who self harm usually self harm when
they see a 'trigger' or they feel very emotional. How: There are many different ways to self harm,
the most popular choice is 'cutting'
though ways such as 'burning' or
substance abuse are
common alternatives. The following images have
been selected carefully.
They are not as gruesome as
some pictures but if
you are easily unsettled you
can ignore this part...
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