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Performance Management - Development Plans

No description

Kellie-Anne Matthews

on 26 October 2014

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Transcript of Performance Management - Development Plans

Welcome Respresentatives of F.D. Hamilton Inc.
Managers Role
360 degree feedback
Purpose of this meeting:
recommendations for implementing a new individual development program

to decrease the turnover rate amongst your production workers, therefore

improving overall financial performance of your company
Week 8 Development Plans

Case: F.D. Hamilton Inc.
Consultants of JLB Group:

Kellie-Anne Matthews
Kathy Dokas
Jess Stefanatos
Kieran Sharkey
Craig Senior
Individual Developmental Program
Assessment Results - Current Development Plan
supervisors not developing or follow up on plans

developmental activities for upper-level management

little information provided about plans and activities

only 15% engagement in activities in the past year

Overview of Meeting
Kellie-Anne -
Development plan

Kieran -
Developmental activities

Kathy -
Supervisors role

Craig -
360 degree feedback

Jess -
Re-cap and recommendations
Individual Development Plan
Encourages continuous learning, performance enhancement and personal development among employees.

Types of Developmental Activities
On the job training


Job rotation

Temporary assignments

Attending a conference
(Aguinis, 2014)
Advice for implementation:
Managers of F.D. Hamilton must promote, get involved with and support developmental activities

Steps in the Feedforward Interview:
1. The first step includes:

“eliciting a success story”.

2. The second step includes:

“uncovering the underlying success factors”

3. The third step includes:

“extrapolating the past into the future”.

(Aguinis, 2014)
(Aguinis, 2014)
Feedforward Interview
Advice for F.D. Hamilton Inc.
Increase the skill levels of all employees which will in turn improve the financial performance of the organisation.

Will also help reduce employee turnover as employee’s will be more motivated.

Help create better relationships between employees and supervisors.
Decrease the turnover rate among production worker and improve financial performance.
(Aguinis, 2014)
IDP - What it actually does:
provides a basis for the employee and supervisor to discuss current performance standards

provide advice and course of action for career advancement

helps to retain talent as well as improve current performance levels
(Rudman, 2003)
Developmental Activities - (DA)
IDP and Developmental Activities
Employees will be able to meet the objectives stated in their developmental plans through the use of developmental activities.

This will help your organisation to increase its profitability and performance, as well as reduce its retention rates.
Managers role in IDP's
Employee’s must rely on their direct managers to help guide them through achieving such goals and objectives stated in their individual plans.
Motivation and Managers
Managers must feel motivated to perform functions that will support the employee’s completion of developmental objectives.
Pay rise
Feedforward interview
Identifies how production workers can utilise skills and behaviours for achieving IDP goals and objectives.
Motivate mid-level managers to implement developmental plans for all employees and for themselves
Benefits for your organisation - F.D. Hamilton
Increased productivity

Boost bottom line

Structured organisation
"The achievements of an organisation are the results of the combined effort of each individual".

Vince Lombardi
Advice for F.D. Hamilton:
It is important that you communicate, develop & continually improve in order to ensure that development plans are successful.
"Don't lower your expectations to meet your performance. Raise your level of performance to meet your expectations. Expect the best of yourself, and then do what is necessary to make it a reality".
Ralph Marston
Main benefits of developmental plans:
Continuous learning

Personal development


Learn new skills

Retention tool

Happier employees

IDP Issues and Recommendations:
Little emphasis placed on development plans
Little information was given in regards to developmental activities (DA)
- appropriate awareness to be made to all employees highlighting the importance of developmental plans.

- implementing developmental activities in line with the IDP's to all staff members.

DA Issues and Recommendations:
DA's only made available for upper-level management and only 15% engaged in a DA in the past year

- provide full support from management to employees when implementing IDP's.
Manager Issues and Recommendations:
missing link between managers not being able to see the relevance of developing and following up the current plans
- managers must promote, engage and support such developmental plans and activities.

- link manager IDP's with a rewards system relating to employee IDP's achievements and milestones.

- use the feedforward interview technique so managers can fully utilise all production workers
360 Degree Feedback Recommendations:
- use the 360 degree feedback to address behaviour skills such as communication, team work and leadership.

- important to continually improve as managers and employees to ensure that IDP’s are successful
Final Recommendations for F.d. Hamilton Inc.
In order to
successfully implement IDP's
, you will need to fulfil the recommendations provided to ensure
reduced turnover rate
in production workers leading to an
increase in profitability.
Thanks for your attention!
Any Questions?
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