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Nonfiction Syllabus


Mike Doupe

on 31 August 2014

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Transcript of Nonfiction Syllabus

Nonfiction Syllabus
Extension Passes
You will receive ONE extension pass that is good for up to 1 week.
After one week I don't accept work, period.
Course Objectives
This course will teach you how to...
Apply Skills
Be Respectful and responsible
Teaching Philosophy
o We should learn
o We should have fun while we learn
o You should be able to use what I teach you outside of class
Class Rules
Allow me to teach
Allow others to learn
Respect other people and their property.
All other school rules/policies also apply in my class.
Bathroom/Locker Passes
Don't be an chump.
A 93-100% C 73-76%
A- 90-92% C- 70-72%
B+ 87-89% D+ 67-69%
B 83-86% D 63-66%
B- 80-82% D- 60-62%
C+ 77-79% E 59% or below
Remember: Grades are not given; they're earned!
Mr. Doupe's Mushy Ending
Whatever I can do to help you succeed, I will. But YOU have to make the choice to let me help you.
One last thing...
No talking about my mother (good, bad, or indifferent)
No comments about my hair
No making fun of Steve
Class Site
Course Outline
Go there right now and BOOKMARK IT!!!!
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