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French Revolution

A journey through the events of the French Revolutions

Don Koop

on 16 September 2014

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Transcript of French Revolution

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The French Revolution
Causes and Conditions
Moderate phase
Radical phase
Reactionary phase
Strong Man phase
First Estate: Clergy
Second Estate: Nobility
Third Estate: everyone else
Scorned enlightenment ideas
Held high offices in government
disagreed about enlightenment ideas
Included bourgeoisie
merchants, artisans
well educated
urban lower class, peasant farmers
embraced enlightenment ideas!
King Louis XVI
weak leader
wife was Marie Antoinette
(Pre 1789)
Meeting of the Estates general called in May 1789
Each estate had one vote
1% of population
2% of population
97% of population
Members of the third estate wanted each delegate to have a vote, giving an advantage to the Third Estate
Third Estate form the National Assembly
National Assembly is locked out of the meeting room!
Met in an indoor tennis court and pledged to stay until they had a new constitution.
Tennis Court Oath
Storm the Bastille!
A mob tried to get to gunpowder stored in the Bastille, a Paris prison.
The Bastille fell to the French people on July 14th - Bastille Day!
The Great Fear
a wave of senseless panic
6000 Parisian women march on Versailles
Versailles is a lavish palace 12 miles outside of Paris
Women force Louis XVI and family to Paris
The Royal Family never see their home again
August 1789 - National Assemby adopts "Declaration of the Rights of Man."
Enlightenment and Declaration of Independance incorporated.
"Liberty, Equality, Fraternity."
June 1791 - Louis tries to escape but is caught at the border.
1791 - new constitution is written.
limited monarchy
Legislative assembly
three groups
Radicals - sat on the left wanted big changes
Moderates - sat in the middle wanted some change
Conservatives - sat on the right wanted few changes
War with Austria 1792
Radicals take over the government
set aside constitution
Formed the National Convention
Many radical clubs
The Jacobins
King Louis XVI is executed by guillotine
War continues with Austria
A leader emerges: Robespierre
Leader of the Committee of Public Safety
Summer 1793: the "Reign of Terror"
Executed Marie Antoinette
Started to execute leaders he felt were less radical than him
Robespierre is executed July 28th, 1794
Another constitution - the 3rd!
The Directory
Like 5 Presidents
But they hire a great new general named Napoleon Bonaparte
November 1799, Napoleon seized power in a coup d' etat
Napoleon brings order after the revolution
Stabilized economy
public education
honest government
religious tolerance
Napoleonic Code
comprehensive system of laws
1804 - crowned himself emperor
by 1815, Napoleon lost his power at the battle of Waterloo
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