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McCann WorldGroup India Healthcare

No description

paul berkes

on 9 January 2014

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Transcript of McCann WorldGroup India Healthcare

Company Background
McCann World Group
McCann Worldgroup can trace its roots back to 1902 when Alfred Erickson started his ad agency at the ripe young age of 25.

Explosive start to his agency since one of first clients was American Coal Tar Company.

Coal Tar was discovered to have an explosive element by German scientist and was essential in the creation of TNT which was a major source for explosives in WWII.

Harry McCann worked for Standard Oil Co. and in 1911 J.D. Rockefeller was ordered to breakup his oil empire.

In 1912 Harry opened H.K. McCann Company.

McCann still owns the majority of the advertising work for what is now Exxon Mobile. A relationship that has lasted over 100 years.

The move to become a Global company started in 1915 when McCann opened up an office in Canada and in subsequent years the following:

1927 – Europe

1935 – Latin America

1959 – Australia

1960 - Asia

Going Global
World Group Creation
In 1997 McCann Worldgroup was created to include:

McCann Erickson Worldwide

Universal McCann

MRM Worldwide


McCann Healthcare Worldwide

Weber Shandwick


Full Service Capability
“Global Reach with customized solutions to transfer brands and grow business!”

McCann Erickson – advertising
MRM – digital Marketing/Relationship management
Momentum – event marketing & promotion
McCann Health – professional/dtc communications
CRAFT – global adaptation and production
UM – media marketing
Weber Shandwick – public relations
FutureBrand – consulting and design

Services Offered
Media Advertising
The Journey
Creative Brief
Who (target market)
Why Not

Leverage our Market and Industry information

The Journey Is The Reward!
Direct Marketing
How We Reach Customers
Access To Resources
The Value Of McCann's
World-Wide Reach? Priceless
InterPublic Group Ad Agency Resources In India
Global Reach
Awards and Testimonials

McCann Worldgroup tied with Omnicom Group's Worldwide Communications Group as the world's-largest agency network in 2008
The two companies merged in 1930 and became McCann Erickson.

Four years later Alfred Erickson died and Harry McCann was left in charge.

In that year the company had billings of $50,000,000.

McCann World Group
Historical Ads
Full Service
Trend Research
Advertising – print, media, digital, ecommerce
Customer Relationship Management
Events and promotions
Public Relations

Facebook Page
Britannia Cheese Commercial
Sony Commercial
McCann Worldgroup provides best-in-class strategic and creative services that will meet your brand building needs across all communication channels. Our 23,000 employees located in more than 120 countries will collaborate to integrate advertising, relationship management, promotion/event marketing, design, and worldwide production focused on transforming your brand and growing your business.
McCann Health
is a world-leading health communications business unit with a core focus on the growing world-wide health-care industry. If your focus is on
our community of inspired thinkers can help tell your story to the world.
McCann Erickson operates 180 offices in more than 120 countries
Let's taker a closer look at McCann Group
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