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Sargon and Hammurabi

No description

Divy Kumar

on 20 October 2014

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Transcript of Sargon and Hammurabi

All about Sargon And Hammurabi:
Leaders of Mesopotamia
By Divy Kumar S.S P9
Sargon's mother abandoned him when she
sent him down a river in a wooden basket.
When Sargon was a young man,
he became an official in a
Sumerian city-state called Kish.
It is said that Sargon was the son of a Priestess which let him be in a high position in the city-state of Kish.
After creating his empire in Mesopotamia,
Sargon ruled for...
55 YEARS!!!
Sargon had MANY accomplishments during
his life
After conquering Kish, Sargon created an army and marched through Mesopotamia, forging an empire.
In the center of the empire, Sargon created a great city called Akkad.
Sargon's first great accomplishment was taking over Kish.
Sargon failed to take Hattusa when he was invading the Hattic region.
Empire conquered by Amorites in around
2000 B.C.
Sargon was very famous because he created the first empire!
Now... On to HAMMURABI!
Hammurabi was the 6th king of Amorite
Southern Mesopotamia's (Larsa) leader defeated Hammurabi's father so Hammurabi prepared to take over Larsa.
In his battles, Hammurabi used dams to take over cities.
He flooded the cities or took away their water source.
Hammurabi allied himself with Larsa but immediately broke the alliance.
Hammurabi's accomplishments:
Hammurabi took over Larsa by making a fake alliance with it's king.
By 1755 BCE, Hammurabi took over all of Mesopotamia.
Hammurabi defeated the Elamites when they had tried to take over Babylon.

When Hammurabi died, the Elamites immediately invaded Mesopotamia.
Also, he did not create an effective government because he was immersed in war.
The reason Hammurabi is well known is because of his law code and efforts to create a working government.
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