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Copy of Feeling Out of Control?

independent and dependent variables

Heather Cassetta

on 4 September 2014

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Transcript of Copy of Feeling Out of Control?

Feeling Out of Control?
Define Your Variables!!!
Controlled Experiment
a controlled experiment is a test of variables using a comparison of a control group and an experimental group
in other words...
tests the hypothesis under controlled conditions
But How?
using independent and dependent variables
any part of an experiment that can vary/change
there are two kinds...
the variable that we (the scientists) are testing - sometimes called the manipulated variable
the variable that we will measure in the experiment - it is the data that we will collect - sometimes called the responding variable
think of it as a cause and effect relationship...
what was the independent variable?
in this video the hair tonic is the independent variable
scientists change or manipulate the independent variable to (hopefully) achieve different outcomes in the experiment
review: what is a controlled experiment?
why should scientists only test one variable at a time?
but you've seen variables at work already...
Control Group
The group that does not get the independent variable. We use the control group for comparison.
Experimental Group
The group that gets the independent variable.
Let's take another look at that Dove ad...
What are they trying to investigate? What's the purpose of the experiment?
What is the independent variable?
Which woman represents the control group?
Which woman represents the experimental group?
One More Component of a Controlled Experiment...
factors that remain the same or consistent throughout an experiment allowing the testing of one variable at a time
back to the Dove ad...
what are some constants in the dove ad? *hint* one is in the small print
Think about this example.
Question to be investigated:
Which type of peanut butter makes the tastiest peanut butter sandwich?
Or how about this example from the New York Times on August 23, 2011...
Does drinking green tea help lower cholesterol?
adding the hair tonic = hair explosion
give the mouse a cookie = mouse moves in
let's put it all together...
Objective - Students will be able to identify variables in a controlled experiment.

Place your Lab Books on the front table and pick up the half sheet and work independently.
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