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Cultural, Social & Economic Influences & Trends on Interior Design Industry

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on 29 February 2016

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Transcript of Cultural, Social & Economic Influences & Trends on Interior Design Industry

Cultural Influences
The following are examples of just some of the cultural influences of the digital age:

The ‘Zeitgeist’ or spirit of the time



Digital manufacturing

Fashion and artistic movements

Home and furniture expos

Current political or topical issues

Popular culture

Alternative culture

Regional histories and/or traditions
Economic influences on current interior design trends

• nature and quality of materials used

• expected size of dwellings or spaces

• use of mass-produced or custom-designed items.

A 500 word report on how the following affects this project:

(i) cultural, social and economic influences; and

(ii) trends identified and analysed in the brief.

This report should be supported by images of similar projects, products and spaces in Australia and overseas.

Cultural, Social & Economic
Influences & Trends

Social influences on current interior
design trends

Social influences may include fluctuations in one or more of the following:

• social status symbols

• lifestyle

• employment types and practices

• demographics

• identification with and/or belonging to groups, social

• networks or cultures.
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