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IRHR 3540

No description

Belinda Chan

on 4 September 2014

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Transcript of IRHR 3540

Case Study
Staffing Strategy
Action Plan
Company and Country- Specific Analysis
The Bosch Group is a leading global manufacturer of automotive and industrial technology, consumer goods and building technology
Bosch Group are planning to expand their business to Kazakhstan
EPRG Model - 4 different approaches
Effective JUMP program to recruit junior managers
Figure 4 Form for situation analysis
IRHR 3540
Was called 'Workshop for Precision Mechanics and Electrical Engineering'
Founded in 1886 by Robert Bosch
Bosch HR Philosophy 'It is my intention, apart from the alleviation of all kinds of suffering, to promote the moral, physical and intellectual development of the people.'
More than 15000 Bosch service centers in roughly 150 countries
350 subsidiaries and regional companies
In 2010, 283,507 employees have generated the total sales of 47.3 billion Euros
Will require an analysis on the company and country- specific context
A model of personnel planning and staffing of the Bosch subsidiary in Kazakhstan
Strategic decisions are made at headquarters
Key positions in domestic and foreign operations are held by managers from headquarters
Subsidiaries are managed by staff from home country (PCNs)

Staffing Strategy
Each subsidiary have some decision- making autonomy
Subsidiaries are managed by local nationals (HCNs)
PCNs are rarely transferred to foreign subsidiary operations
Taking a global approach to its operations, recognizing each part i.e. subsidiaries and headquarters makes a unique contribution
Accompanied by a worldwide integrated business , nationality is less important than ability
Staffing Strategy
Reflects the geographic strategic and structure of the MNE
Staff may move outside their home countries , but only within the geographic region
Regional managers will not be promoted to headquarters but will enjoy a degree of regional autonomy in decision making
Why Ethnocentric - the best approach?
The education system in Kazakhstan is one of the major concerns
The labour market for qualified managers and specialists is very small
External hires in Kazakhstan will take much longer to begin work then equivalent hiring process operating in Germany
Local candidates have very little mobility and lack broader national or international experiences
Reasons for pursuing an ethnocentric staffing approach
A perceived lack of qualified host country nationals
The need to maintain good communication, coordination and control links with the headquarters
PCNs to ensure the new subsidiary complies with the coporate objectives and policies

Some Disadvantages ...
Expatriates' needs and expectations of their host country subordinates might be different to the perceptions of the PCN manager
Limits the promotion opportunities of HNCs
Adaption of expatriate managers to host countries can take a long time, during which PCNs often make mistakes and poor decisions
The income gap between HCNs and PCNs
Company and Country- Specific Analysis
Company and Country- Specific Analysis
Company and Country- Specific Analysis
Focus on both short and long term i.e. assignment of expatriates and the development of high potential employees
Maintaining and further develop employees by using MED
An effective Manger Development Plan (MDP) - explicit on the job and off the job measures
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