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AVID 3: Ms. Phillips 2015/2016

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anuli Phillips

on 24 August 2015

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Transcript of AVID 3: Ms. Phillips 2015/2016

AVID Is....
AVID is an honor and a privilege.
The expectations for 11th grade students are very high, as you will serve as representatives for AVID to younger students, the faculty, and the community.

(Let's Go Over the class Rules, and procedures)
AVID 3: Ms. Phillips 2015/2016
Go around and tell me your names & how long you have been in AVID.

(2 students briefly tell me what AVID is and what will be the role of AVID in your academic life this year)

Let's Review for a moment...
Speed Conversations
We will end class with this team-builder activity at the end of each of the first four days.
Students: stand and make two parallel, even lines.
Have the lines turn so that they are facing each other.
Each person is now “partners” with the student in the other line standing directly across from them.
Topics for Speed Convo
Include the following:
• What was the most exciting activity that you did this summer?
• What was the furthest that you travelled this summer, and what did you do there?
• What is the funniest situation that you have encountered recently?
• With what famous person, living or deceased, would you most want to have
• Who do you consider to be your personal hero/heroine?
Ms. Phillips
I was a tutor here last year with the English Department
I graduated from Spelman College, Sociology
I have one son, 9 years old
Originally from St. Thomas, grew up in D.C, and attended high school in Kansas.
Fought for the honor to teach AVID.
What is your favorite film of all time?
• Who is one of your favorite fictional characters?
• What is your most recent embarrassing moment?

What is your main academic goal this year?
• What has been your biggest challenge with your AVID binder/planner/Cornell
Last Note:
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