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Fallen Angels

No description

Lindsey O'Donnell

on 23 May 2011

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Transcript of Fallen Angels

Perry joins the army. Become's friends with Harold Gates,
or Peewee as his friends call him. On their first night, Perry and Peewee
go on patrol, with a timid soldier
named Jenkins. Jenkins steps on a man and dies. Peewee gets a Dear John
letter from his girlfriend
back home saying she married
another man. Perry gets a intestinal disease and spends
several days recovering, causing him to
miss a patrol. On the next patrol, Perry goes along
to make up the one he missed. The
squad he's with accidentally open
fires on one of their own platoons. Peewee gets a letter from
Earlene, his ex girlfriend,
apologizing about marrying
another man. She says she's
going to name her next child after him. Lieutenant Carroll is shot by enemy fire
and dies. While pacification mission of one of the
villages, and Vietnamese woman hands a
soldier her baby. That baby then blows up in the
soldiers arms. Johnson tells Perry that he was approched
by Dongan and asked if Lobel was gay. He
says that he didn't comment and whether or
not he is gay doesn't matter to him. All that
matters is that Lobel has Johnson's back. Peewee and Perry are wounded in a scuffle
with the enemy while trying to get on a chopper Perry and Peewee are later sent home
on the same flight. They hold hands the
whole was home for comfort. They both
try to adjust to the idea of returning to
normal living.
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