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Tea Time

History of Tea and British Afternoon Tea Time Etiquette.

Jules Renoux

on 8 April 2013

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Transcript of Tea Time

The Appearance of Tea in Europe The discovery in China Camellia Sinensis or Tea Shennong, emperor and god of agriculture and medecine Traditional Chines tea service The arrival in Europe The Plant Early Portuguese merchants depicted by a Japanese painter (16th century) Queen Catherine in 1663, by Sir Peter Lely Tea arrives in United Kingdom
in 1652 Tea field in northern India The Cup of Tea What to add ? Add milk
or lemon (not cream) and sugar How to
properly hold your cup. - Extend your pinkie finger, or not. - Index finger into the handle, thumb on the top
and middle finger below - Don't clink your spoon on the teacup. - Don't drink without removing the spoon first. - NEVER sip from the spoon. - Don't raise the saucer Other proprieties - When you are drinking, don't look around. - After drinking, lay down the teacup on the saucer
gently. It's TEA TIME my Dear The Menu Savouries Scones Sweets Victoria Sponge Battemburg cake TODAY - Eat in this order Etiquette - Eat in little bites - Remember to smile and chat Special Thanks to
Robin Salen By
Jules Renoux Tea is one of the most consumed drink in the world. Many Benefits - Slows down aging
- Reduces stress
- Doesn't have any calories
- Gives you a sweet smile Anna Maria Russell, Duchess of Bedford,
pioneer of the Afternoon Tea
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