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No description

Kate Woodvine

on 4 June 2014

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Transcript of Youtubers!

Youtubers & Ships!
Nova & ImmortalHD
Here we will have differemt youtubers with their own circle/subjet thing and we will also do ships!
James & Aleksandr
what is shipping?
Shipping is where you take two people that aren't in a relationship and in you mind you put them together, in a relationship. (It can be any gender so two boys, two girl or a girl and boy.)

You can do lots of things like make fan art, write fanfictions or more!
BajanCanadian + JeromeASF
ImmortalHD & SlyFoxHound
Aleksandr & Eddie
SSohPKC & SlyFoxHound
Seamus & Eddie
Nova & SSoHPKC
James & Seamus
Kootra &ImmortalHD
Jordan & Aleksandr
(Only Picture I Found )
Steven & Anthony
Skydoesminecraft + Deadlox
ZeRoyalViking& ChilledChaos
Skydoesminecraft + MinecraftUniverse/TrueMU
This side will have idividual youtubers in their own circle.

The circles will have information about them.
Aleksandr Marchant
Age: 21
BirthDay: September 1st 1992
Aleks "ImmortalHD" or "ImmortalHDFilms" Marchant is a main Creature. He is the newest band member of Stuck in Your Radio, Sly's band, and plays the bass. He is also a major part of the Machinima Happy Hour show Sanity Not Included, replacing long-time friend of the Creatures, Lyle.
He's part of TheCreatures.
BajanCanadian + Skydoesminecraft
(Only pic I found)
Real Name : Mitchell Donald Ralph Hughes
Age : 19
Birthday: March 3rd 1994
Mitch was born in Canada, Montreal
He moved to America where he met Jerome in 4th grade
Aleks lived in Russia until about the age of eight, then he moved to the United States. He said on Creature Talk that he was adopted. His first language is actually Russian, but he told his viewers during a live stream that he actually lost his accent after living in the States for so long, but he never lost his love for vodka.
He owns a minecraft server with jerome called 'The Nexus'
He is a member of Team Crafted
He is member of The Creatures.
Real Name: Jerome Robert Aceti
Age: 19
Birthday: March 9th 1994
Jerome was born in New Jersy and met Mitch in 4th grade when Mitch moved there.
They have been best friends ever since
Jerome can speak italian.
Jerome is mostly colour blind. In his most recent test he got 3 out of 8 colours.
Jerome is 6 days younger than Mitch
He has a girlfriend called Louise which he asked out on the 1st of December 2013
Jerome and Louise
Real Name: Ian Stableton
Age: 25
He is scared of The Sea and Heights
He likes rock and electronic music
By Kate.W & Mia.S
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