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No description

Genesis Gonzalez

on 11 April 2014

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Transcript of Dreaming

In order to have a good sleep, you have to go through 5 stages.
Description of stages
Stage 1
Good Quality Sleep
In order to have a good sleep, you have to go through 4 to 5 sleep cycles. Each cycle is about 90 minutes long, but they can also go up to 120 minutes long.
a dream that can cause strong emotions to go off on your brain, usually fear or horror, but also despair, anxiety and even depression.
Nightmares are actually believe to be helpful. They help us prepare for future real situational things in the awaking world. It could even help us survive. The human brain forces us to get ready for similar events.
The five stages are:
Stage 1
Stage 2
Stage 3
Stage 4
Stage 5

Experience drifting in and out of sleep.
Easily woken up (Light sleep).
Experience sudden jerks. (Known as Hypnic Myoclonia and Myoclonic Jerks).
Sensation of falling.
Moves to Stage 2 after 5-15 minutes.
4-5% of whole sleep.
Lasts about 5-10 minutes.
Stage 2

Becoming disengaged from surroundings.
Body temperature drops.
Brain does less complicated tasks.
Sudden bursts of brain activity (Sleep Spindles).
Another 15 minutes to move to Stage 3.
Also know as, 'The Delta Stage'.
45-55% of whole sleep.
Last approximately 20 min.
Stage 3
Transition from light sleep to deep sleep.
4-6% of whole sleep.
Difficult to be awaken. (If awaken, usually feels groggy, disoriented for a couple of minutes).
By: Genesis Gonzalez
Non-Rapid Eye Movement.
What occurs in NREM is..
You may have a dream. (Not as usual as in REM Stage).
The type of dreams you have in NREM is taking the past of the awaking world and trying to figure out how that would probably relate to the future.
75% of the time you sleep is NREM (Stage 1-4).
Stage 4
Very deep sleep. (Deepest Stage)
More than 50% are slow delta waves.
After sleep deprivation. It most likely will cause a sharp rebound.
12-15% of entire sleep.
Brain waves are extremely slow.
Blood flow is directed away from the brain and towards muscles, regaining physical energy.
Stage 5 (REM)
About 70-90 minutes since first feel asleep, you enter REM sleep, where dreaming occurs.
Breathing becomes shallow.
Heart rate and blood pressure increase.
Arms and legs muscles become paralyzed.
Where most dreaming occur. Our eyes actually move back and forth during REM, which is where this stage got its name. (Rapid Eye Movement)
Consists of four stages of sleep, each deeper than the previews stage.
Another requirement in order to have a quality sleep is having both NREM & REM sleeps in uninterrupted cycles.
Video where i received info.
Rapid Eye Movement.
What occurs during REM is..
Most dreams occur during the REM stage.
Eyes move uncontrollably under our eyelids.
The brain becomes active, while the muscles relax.
You can't move voluntarily because signals from the brain to the muscles are blocked.
The types of dreams you have during REM is trying to experience the future and 'move' into it. (Face challenges)
50% of REM sleep for Newborns & 20% of Adolescents to Elderly. (Elders sleep the least)
What are somethings that cause nightmares?
Somethings that sometimes cause nightmares are
Uncomfortable or awkward position
Having a fever
Interesting Information!
Dmitri Mendeleev (Russian Chemist):
It is believed that the inventor of the Periodic Table of Elements had the general idea of how to order the elements(creating the Table) in a dream.
Elias Howe (American Inventor in 1844):
The inventor of the very first sewing machine was having trouble at first in making the machine hold the needle in order for it to work. He then had a 'nightmare' about being chased by cannibals with spears. At the very end of the dream, after he woke up, he notice that where the hole of the spear was located. Later, he knew just excatly how to place the needle.
Howe's dream about cannibals with spears.
Stage 1
Stage 2
Stage 3
Stage 4
Stage 5 (REM)
Sleep Cycle
One cycle takes about 90 minutes.
For a good sleep, should finish with a total of 4-5 cycles in one night.

"Never say dreaming is useless, because life is useless if you can't dream."
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