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Marketing Major Project, Ayoub, Insaf & Amine

No description

ayoub el mamoun

on 5 May 2011

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Transcript of Marketing Major Project, Ayoub, Insaf & Amine

Presented by Ayoub El Mamoun Idea Generation Dliver
Idea Generation Potential Market - The whole AUI Community Students PEST Analysis Political Socio Cultural Technological SWOT Analysis Strengths Weaknesses Threats
-Inside restaurants ‘Sodexo' & 'Newrest’

-Possible future competitors TAM Analysis TAM Positioning Marketing Mix (4 Ps) Marketing Mix Ordring Website Insaf Torab Mohamed Amine Oulamine Food Delivery AUI Rooms of students
Residences of Professors Order
Meals Phone Online via a Website Potential Market - More than 1800 People Professors Company Profile
The political stability
in Morocco and Ifrane
Prices are affordable by AUI Community -Different Cultures within Campus
-Different tastes & lifestyles - AUI uses updated means of technology

- High Internet speed

- Use of a website for the orders
- Online ordering
- Quick Delivery
- Student price - Same Menu

- No payment on credit
- New concept of food delivery

- Customers already interested Opportunities Positioning Menu Positioning Statement
To AUI students and faculty who are sick of the low quality of campus food, “Food Delivery AUI” provides high quality food and delivers it to their rooms or offices in less than 30 min just to make them feel special.
Conclusion According to the TAM Analysis

“Food Delivery AUI” seems to be a good project to invest in
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