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Autism - Mockingbird

A review of characteristics of autism.

Angela Johnston

on 11 April 2011

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Transcript of Autism - Mockingbird

-Kathryn Erskine Social Interaction
Communication Fixed Interests
& Repetitive Behaviors "Look at the Person" Let's make friends... "Get It" Personal Space Finesse Soon... "Sneeks up on and becomes now." "Your Manners are my manners too!" When you first meet someone "Look at the person and say nice stuff." Empathy - "No thank you, I'm not good at emotion." "I am my own group" "Fish Eyes that don't reveal anything." "I feel like TiVo, fast forward through the bad parts and then I'm watching something and I don't know how I got there." Coping Skills Stuffed Animaling - "Blurring things together to make them soft and fluffy." Shaking hands - "Then the world's spinning doesn't feel as fast" Hidey Hole "Hiding my head in the cushion keeps me from floating and falling like the bird." Sucking sleeve or shirt. "Thursday night pizza." Wheel of Fortune! Shirts with no tags and no colors that make me sick or run into each other. Drawing but with black and white only, no colors running together. No Running. Walking. Closure...how can I get it? Jeopardy! The Boy Inside Bullying Rejection "Outside looking In" Depression Dad: "All our hopes and
dreams are going out
the window." Sister: "It would be good for me for him not to come to school with me." Adam, "I don't think of me as brave, I just dealt with a lot of stuff I wish I would have never had to have gone through."
Adams Blog 2009
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