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Barrett Remy

on 5 December 2014

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Transcript of Ballet

Body of Work
Movements in modern dance reject the limitations found in ballet.
Famous Choreographers
Paul Taylor
was focused on the actions of ordinary people. Many of his works dealt with the sad realities of life, like crimes and wars.
I chose this topic because I used to dance myself. When I was four years old I started ballet and continued until I was ten. From then, I went on to jazz, tap, and hip-hop. I remember everytime I would perform on stage I would get nervous and itch my nose. Afterwards, my mom would make fun of me.
Modern Dance
Ballet vs. Modern Dance
Ballet started in the late 15th century in the Italian Renaissance courts to entertain and express one's self in an art form.

In the beginning, all the dancers were men playing woman roles. People who wanted to entertain or be healed would dance.
Dancers would perform at royal courts. Men were expected to perform the more extravagant footwork. Years later, during the French Revolution, the female dancers became stars. In the 1830's male dancers were thought to be a disgrace. That is when women became masters of the dance.
Modern dance began in the 20th century in Europe.
Dancers wanted a less formal and less restrictive form of dance to express themselves.
The type of people who danced in modern dance wanted to celebrate life in a free way. They usually did not dance for entertainment.
After World War II, dancers would combine different techniques from social dance, ballet, and modern dance.
Costumes typically worn in ballet are leotards with a skirt. The tutu is the famous costume worn with a lace bodice.
The movements in ballet include being balanced, graceful, perfect posture, and light on the feet.
Typically tight fitting costumes would match the theme of the dance and song.
Story ballet tells a story, and plotless ballet has no storyline and uses the movement of the body and theatrical elements to interpret music.
Works typically performed in modern dance are musical shows. Performances are normally danced in groups.
Ballet is characterized by light, graceful movements that flow well.
Modern dance is different from ballet because it has free movements. Modern dancers use their body weight to create grander motions.
My Dance Story
The style I prefer is modern dance because it is a lot more enjoyable than ballet to perform. You do not have to stress about making every move perfect.
The American Ballet Theater is one of the greatest dance companies in the world. Found in 1940, it is recognized as a "living national treasure." It has performed for more than 600,000 people. The company has completed more than 15 international tours to 42 countries.
Body of Work
The Peridance Contemporary Dance Company was founded in 1984. It is located in New York City. Students from all over the world come to attend classes. The company has attended dance festivals in several countries and has been invited to major dance productions.
New and old ballet movements are performed in the American Ballet Theater. They have performed in the greatest theaters around the world. The theater says they want to "create a tradition of passion, innovation, and athleticism that transcends cultural boundaries and touches the soul of ballet lovers old and new."
One famous ballet concert is "The Nutcracker" composed in 1891 by Tchaikovsky. This is a timeless Christmas story. The first performance was in 1892 in St. Petersburg, Russia.
A famous modern dance concert is "Caught" by Alvin Ailey dance company. This dance is performed by a dancer leaping in the air and flashing lights captures the dancer in more than 100 leaps. Lights captures the dancer in mid-motion without ever touching the ground. It is intended to look like he/she is flying.
Famous Choreographers
George Balanchine
created more of a contemporary style of ballet. He added extremely athletic and technical moves.
Katherine Dunham's
work was rooted in the culture of the West Indies. She incorporated the styles she experienced in those countries, especially in Haiti, into her own work. She strived for the classical techniques of ballet but the fluidity of modern dance.
Jerome Robbins
incorporated his own dancing

experiences into his work. He was interested in integrating different cultural styles into his work as well. His style was a mix of different forms of dance as found in many modern dances.
Martha Graham,
one of the greatest modern dancers, wanted to display the relationship between body and space. She choreographed her dances to embrace harsh emotions. Her work represented what was happening socially and politically in the mid-20th century. Many dancers continue on her style of dance she taught.
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