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One on ones

No description

Alan Varsik

on 6 February 2015

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Transcript of One on ones

One on Ones (O3s)
What is it?
Helps you be More Effective by Encouraging Relationships
Regular communication
The Single Most Powerful Manager Tool Ever
The Basics:- Regularly Scheduled- Rarely Missed
Weekly with every direct report
never canceled!
conflicts cause rescheduling
avoid the times that are likely to be rescheduled
back to back or s p a c e d o u t
30 Minutes
Not in public
an office
not a conference room
What do we do?

-10 minutes for THEM

-10 minutes for you

-10 minutes for their development
How do I prepare?
Ask these 5 questions:
What do my notes tell me to check on?
What do I need to communicate?
What positive Feedback Can I give?
What adjusting Feedback Can I give?
What can I delegate?
It's about them
The Primary Focus in on the Team Member
Not you
Not your work
Not your issues
Notes and Follow up make it work
30 minutes = 1.25% of your week
or, for you 50+hr/week folks,= 1%
Role Power
Expertise Power
Relationship Power
What's the topic?
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