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dress and costume in the elizabethan era-aristocratic

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Kyla Bruce

on 11 December 2013

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Transcript of dress and costume in the elizabethan era-aristocratic

Dress and costume in the
Elizabethan Era- Aristocratic

Women's fashion
Mens Fashion
Elizabethan men were not allowed to wear what they liked. Clothes were dictated by their rank, status or position. This was enforced by English law as decreed by Queen Elizabeth I on June 15, 1574.

Laws were strictly obeyed. The penalties for violating the sumptuary laws would include: fines, loss of property, title and even life.

Persi, Jinan, Makela and Kyla
In the Elizabethan era people were not permitted to wear the clothing of their choice. These were called sumptuary laws.
Queen Elizabeth I dictated on what colours and clothing items you were allowed and not allowed to wear, therefore your status was ranked depending on what you wore.

Queen Elizabeth I had the greatest impact on beauty in English history.
Pale Complexion
Having a pale complexion was a sign of nobility, wealth, delicacy and good health.
How was a pale
complexion achieved?
-To get this complexion, foundation make-up was made out of Ceruse

-Ceruse was made of poisons, white lead and vinegar
-Sometimes, instead of ceruse they applied ash, alum and sulphur

-To hide wrinkles they would apply egg whites on their face
-During the Elizabethan era many people dyed their hair a reddish colour because the Queen had reddish hair

-During that era, having fine hair was considered fashionable
-In order to get their hair fine, women used different types of bleach such as: Saffron, Celandine, cumin seeds and in extreme cases, urine
-People used wigs too if they couldn't get bleach or didn't want to use bleach

-Girls' hair was curled tightly from the top of their head and usually accessorized with jewels and head pieces
-Mostly only wealthy people were able to use jewels because they were expensive

Eyes and Eyebrows
-The women would use Kohl to outline and darken the look of eyes

-They used a chemical called Belladonna to make their eyes appear larger and sparkly

-Also they plucked and arched their eyebrows to make their forehead look larger

red hair
curly hair
eye lined with kohl
Lips and Cheeks
-Lipsticks were made of animal dyes like cochineal or plants that had red roots
-The women mixed egg-whites and ochres for their cheeks
- The highest status of the Elizabethan era was the Monarchy and Nobility

-These people had to either be born into a rich family or work their way to becoming rich
Highest class
-Men would wear mostly gold, silver, crimson or scarlet, deep indigo blue, violet, and even deep black and pure white
-If you wore purple, others would automatically recognize you were someone of high class
What colours did they wear?
- Linen smock or shift
-Hooped Skirt(Farthingale)
-Bum roll(Padded cresents worn at hip)
-Kirtle(A skirt fit over Farthingale)
-Forepart(A fabric stitched in the middle of kirtle)
-Partlet(Yoke-like collar under ruff)

-Sleeves(stitched on)
-Ruff(A ruffled collar worn around neck)
-Shoes were either flat or low-heeled
-All women were required to wear a hat or a head covering
-Jewels were worn on everything from their bodies to their hats
-Fine needle work was also used on gowns
Linen Smock
Hooped Skirt
Bum roll
Low-Heeled shoe
Woman in the Elizabethan Era
Men in the Elizabethan Era
What they wore
-separate sleeves
outer clothes
-during the Elizabethan era male hairstyles varied in lenght.
-men spend a lot of time grooming their hair.
having longer hair was considered fashionable.
-If men had long hair it had to be curled.
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