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No description

Derin Suess

on 19 May 2010

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Transcript of Norway

History Culture Government Geography Norway Norwegians eat a variety of foods from fish to cheeses and other dairy products. The religions in Norway are mostly Lutherans, and the rest are Catholic. The language spoken by most if not all the people is Norwegian. The main type of music in Norway is jazz, it has been the main type since the begining of WWII. Norways two main sports are speed skating and ski jumping, but they also have an improving ice hockey team. Norways weather is pretty extreme it can vary from 95 to -20 degrees. The meaning of the flag is to show the relationship with other countries. Norways capital is Oslo. Norways landscape varies from mountains to huge plateaus. There could be a crouded city to the country side. Norways governmet is a republic governmet. Norway exports on average 159 billon dollars of materials a year. They import close to 105 billion dollars of materials a year. Norwegians use krones and one dollar here is 5 dollars there. There are close to 4.5 million people in Norway most of which are immigrants from Sweden and Finland. Norway was founded in 890 in the battle of Harfsfjord. Norway was involved in WWII. The Nazis invaded Norway but later were ran out. THE END THE END By: Derin Suess
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