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SharePoint Ribbon Development

All about development and extensibility features of the SharePoint ribbon control.

Shai Petel

on 13 May 2013

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Transcript of SharePoint Ribbon Development

What makes the ribbon tick? SPRibbon Architecture Objects Hierarchy Ribbon Page Communication PageComponent(s) CommandDispatcher PageManager <script>
</script> Design considerations, planning, implementing VP Research and development
MCPD, MCT, MVP: SharePoint Server Shai Petel @shaibs There will be extensive visual studio use throughout this presentation! Warning! SPRibbon Architecture Ribbon Tabs Contextual Tabs Tab* Contextual Group* Tab* Tab* Tab* Same structure * Elements with '*' may appear one or more times Groups Group* Controls TextBox CheckBox Flyout Structure is defined in XML or JSON format,
Check Template\Global\Xml\CMDUI.xml
for OOtB ribbon controls Customizing SPRibbon Declaring
Controls Finished Handling Commands User experience
Requirements Associate Tabs Plan Designing stages In feature XML
Inject xml to SPRibbon (Server side, in runtime) Inline in XML
Custom PageComponent List tempalte
Content type
Contextual group
Show on demand (code) Code + Demo Nice to know... Use JS objects to avoid conflicts
Informative JS error messages
Some controls cannot be large/medium/small
SPRibbon not available in sandbox
1 CommandUIDefinition can inject 1 element Ribbon Overview Questions? VP Research and development
MCPD, MCT, MVP: SharePoint Server Shai Petel @shaibs Contextual Goups Disable, don't hide
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