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First day of school

This Prezi is intended to help guide my class and I through the first day of school. It is a way to organize, what is usually, the most hectic and stressful day of the school year!!

Chelsea Chomos

on 28 August 2015

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Transcript of First day of school

1. Please find the
with your
on it! Take out a pencil or a pen from your backpack and put it on your desk.
2. Put your textbooks inside your desk.

2. Please hang up your backpack on the coat hanger with your assigned number (the number beside your name)

3. Fill out the pink information sheet on your desk.

Now just wait for instructions...
Welcome Back to School!!
Read and follow:
Waiter Brain Break
Toe Tapping Brain Break
Mrs. Chomos
Morning agenda:

Welcome & Meet the teacher
Meet the class (introduce yourself)
Brain break/Recess
Classroom contract
Lunch time!
Afternoon agenda:
Organize Subjects
Brain Break
Year Overview
Brain break/Recess
MM contest OR People BINGO/Who Am I?
Agenda and Clean up
Your turn! Tell us a little about yourself...
Classroom Routines and Procedures
WHEN I ARRIVE AT SCHOOL: There will be bell work on my desk. Once I put my things away, I will do my bell work and prepare for the day!
IF I ARRIVE LATE: I go straight to the office to let them know I have arrived then come to class.
IF I AM ABSENT, OR KNOW I WILL BE ABSENT: It is my responsibility to see I what I missed, and let the teacher know if I will be away ahead of time
DISMISSAL AT THE BELL: Dismissed only when given permission (not by the bell)
MOVING AROUND THE CLASS: must be in desk at all times DURING instruction, unless otherwise given permission. AFTER instruction, you may move around the classroom to sharpen pencil, see teacher, get Kleenex, use the bathroom…
USING THE BATHROOM: Get agenda signed, and take with you. Must write reason for leaving and time.
HOMEWORK: record all homework in Agenda. Homework is to be completed on time, and at school. There will be homework checks throughout the year.
*AGENDA is used for moving around the school during class time, homework, tests, notes to parents, and reminders.
*When using agenda to leave room I must state the REASON and TIME before getting signed by teacher.
*Agenda is to written in every day, and taken home every night!
COMPUTERS: Must ALWAYS have permission from a teacher to use the computers/home devices (including phones)
EXTRA-TIME: Complete all homework, silently read, peer-help, clean desk, extra-time activities…
MOVING AROUND THE SCHOOL: Must have agenda signed to leave the room during class hours
PLAYGROUND: Stay to side allocated to grade 7-8 unless otherwise given permission
ASKING QUESTIONS/TALKING: Always raise your hand. Talking is never allowed when the teacher is instructing. Use Sound vs. Noise during work periods, or group work.

Classroom behavior system:
Individuals are assessed based on the class behavior rubric (next slide). If the class reaches the goal set for the behavior average, there will be a class reward party. If the class does not meet the average, all individuals who did meet or exceed the average will be rewarded or have their name put in a draw for a prize.
Behaviour system will also be use to determine if you are allowed to participate in special class/school activities. For example: if you do not maintain the expected average, you may not be allowed to attend a school dance, or participate in a class outing.
Behaviour Rubric

Failure to Meet Expectations: See poster

Student expectations for the Teacher: Your turn! What do you expect of me as your teacher? Let's brainstorm and then we will display your expectations on a poster…
Good to know…
LOCKERS; assigned, and labeled according to number on desk name tag.
SEATING PLAN: This is only a temporary seating plan. You will likely be moved once I learn everyone's name and more about each one of you! There will be assigned seating according to the best interests of the class, and I usually like to change the desks around every two-three months.
ASSEMBLY: every morning.
TIME TABLE: A daily schedule will be posted on the board each morning. Individual time tables can to be put on desk for personal reference.
Math: Binder (small) with *3 dividers
*1) Bell work 2) Mini-lessons 3) Assignments
Language Arts: 2 duo-tangs, or one binder with 2-3 dividers
1)Writing 2) Reading
Religion: Duo-tang or notebook,
French and Science: TBD
Social: Duo-tang or binder
*If you would like to put 2-3 subjects into a larger binder you may.
Year overview
Let's take a Brain Break!
Classroom Contract
Marshmallow contest
a team-building contest in which groups of four people are asked to build the tallest free-standing structure possible out of 20 sticks of spaghetti, a yard of tape, a yard of string, and a marshmallow. 18 minute limit!
Silent Ball
Other ideas...
Ace to King
Push-Up Power
Rock, Scissors, Paper
Kennedy and Lynlee
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