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Statistics & Probability-7th Grade

No description

Meghan Pommer

on 25 September 2014

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Transcript of Statistics & Probability-7th Grade

Statistics & Probability Standards-7th Grade
Use random sampling on a population
Find a sample population and draw inferences on the random sampling. The students can look at the data and be able to draw conclusions.
They can create survey questions and find data on their own sample population.
Draw informal comparative inferences about two populations
Find the differences between measures of center and measures of variability for the different populations.
The students should also be able to find the mean, median, and mode. They will need to create a box and whisker plot.
Investigate chance processes and develop, use and evaluate probability models
Understand the probability of an event between 0 and 1. Be able to find and know the difference between theoretical and experimental probability.
Find the probability of a compound event and model it. Some examples would be an organized list, table or a tree diagram.
The measures of center and variability helps us compare the two populations. We can make dot plots, line graphs, or histograms to show the two populations.
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