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lib hist

on 17 September 2015

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Transcript of Ethan&Ivan

Scott, Robert r.
LT. Micheal murphy
finn mand a .50 caliber machiegun that was under fire at kaheone bay hawiie. Panfuly wounded finn mand his station and received orders to get medical attention in stead of going he staid at his post.
finn, john willam
One day ross was on a patlrol with his squad watching out for any taliban forces an out of no where his squad got ambushed they were under heavy fire and out of nowhere a grenade lands in the vehicle, he calls out the grenade but his other squadmates cant see it so ross jumps on it and dies inatntly saving his sqaudmates.
wich was station by air commpressers on the uss. california on december 7. 1941 his station was flooded and he stade to give air to the gunners after being instructed to leave he sade by the words, this is my station i will stay as longe as there guns are fireing.
Lt. Michael was just one of many that died in operation red wings. He was deployed in an afghanistanian mountian with his 3 other squad mates on a mission to eliminate a taliban leader and when they were trying to head down the mountian some villagers walked into them and they went to the village and told the officals.There was a firefight that lasted almost a whole day while murphy was getting radio support he was out in the open getting radio extraction and died being shot to death.He shows courage be sacrificeing himself for the team to survive.
Ross Mcginnis
lt. micheal died
and finn did not
thay boath recive the medal of honer
receved the medal of
honer at difrent times
boath have been
shoot in combat
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