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Black Veil Brides

No description

savannah seremak

on 28 May 2013

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Transcript of Black Veil Brides

presentation created by:
Savannah Seremak The members of Andy Biersack Jinxx Jake Pitts Vocals Guitar Guitar Ashley Purdy Bass Christian Coma (CC) Drums About •Black Veil Brides was formed in
2006 in Cincinnatti Ohio. Black Veil Brides in 2006 Inspirations • inspirations include- KISS, Motley
Crue, Misfits, LA Guns, etc. Misfits KISS LA Guns Motley Crue •One downfall that Andy always had
with bands like Motley Crue and KISS
was that he could never relate on a
personal level to what their songs
were about. •He always wanted to create a band that could combine
similar visuals of Motley Crue and KISS but with song
lyrics that he, himself could relate too, as well as the
other members of . About Songs What inspired the name "Black Veil Brides" is a term used in the Catholic religion. The name of the band was inspired by the devotion and dedication that people have to a church and/or religion, much as band members are devoted and dedicated to their band and music songs are based off of the band members own feelings and things they've experienced in their lives. The overall message that sends to their fans through their music is to always believe in yourself. "There's absolutely no one in the world who can tell you that you can't do something. You're the only one who can set that limitation. So if you want to dress like a giraffe and go to school everyday and if that's what makes you happy, then do it. It should be up to no one else how you live your life." - said by Andy Biersack in an interview How has changed throughout the years Their look 2006 2010 2013 Awards have won Black Veil Brides have won awards from magazines such as Kerrang! and Revolver. Awards won:

Kerrang! Best International Newcomer 2011
Kerrang! Best Song with "Rebel Love Song" 2012 2013 Awards nominated for:

Best Album - Wretched and Divine - Story of
the Wild Ones
Best Live Band
Best International Band
Hottest Male - Andy Biersack 2011 Kerrang! Award 2012 Kerrang! Award Best Song with "Rebel Love Song" Best International Newcomer Song of the year 2013 - "In The End" Their makeup 2009 2011 2013 Their sound Song - Knives and Pens
Album - We Stitch These Wounds
released in 2010 Song - Set The World On Fire
Album - Set The World On Fire
released in 2011 Song - In The End
Album - Wretched And Divine - Story of the Wild Ones
released in 2013 and Albums Albums Released We Stitch These Wounds
released in 2010 Set The World On Fire
released in 2011 Wretched And Divine - Story Of The Wild Ones
released in 2013 Wretched And Divine - Story Of The Wild Ones ranked #5 on the Billboard Top 200 Chart within the first week of its release. The End
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