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Guided Practice-THIEVES

No description

angela bramowski

on 8 August 2013

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Transcript of Guided Practice-THIEVES

THIEVES Practice
Title and Headings
T: From the title, predict what the text is about:

H: Look at all headings (& Table of Contents) and then turn two of them into important questions that you think the text will answer. (Why, How...)
Introduction and Every First
I: Use the introduction and first paragraph to predict the main idea (or to create a big question you think the text will answer):

E: Write down everything you know about the topic. Use back of this paper, if necessary. Circle any of your notes you would like to know more about or write a question about it.
Visuals/Vocabulary and End of Chapter Questions
V: List three important visuals and predict how they will help you understand the text

E: Guess the answers for the end-of-chapter questions, read any summaries—and write down every bold or italicized word.
So What?
Summarize what we know about this article before we read!
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