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My Journal: My Trip to Guyana


Alecia Sudama

on 22 March 2013

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Transcript of My Journal: My Trip to Guyana

By: Alecia.S 27/02/13 My Journal: My Trip to Guyana Tues, Feb 12 2013 Fri, Feb 15 2013 Thurs, Feb 14 2013 Today my cousins from NYC came and we when
went my aunts house becuase they said "they want
to sleep over by my aunts" so we help them unpack.
We wanted some stuff to eat so we went to the market we bought chico (gum), bigfoot (chips), and popcicles that was made out of custerd, and it surpised me becuase it acually taste good, then we walked the park, the park wasnt big and there wasnt many things to do in the park, but we had LOTS of fun there were some things there that they dont have here. When we went back to my aunts house we
took baths and ordered burgers ate,
and went to bed. Sat, Feb 16 2013 Today i didnt do much, all i did was play risk, risk is a board games and the main idea is to take over the world, we also played, life the board gamenon my cousns iPad, and lastly we played monoply. After playing the board games brought me and my cousins to a pool, the pool was HUGE there was a babys pool, the shallow side, regualar side, deep side, and a jaquzie. At the end of th day we went back to the park just to hang out, and to play with natalie in the baby play house. Sun, Feb 17 2013 Today I went by my grandpas to see my
my sister that came from a far party of
guyana just to come and see me, she looks
exacly like me, when i saw her i she thought
i was her twin execpt i wear glasses and
she doesnt, today i spendt most of my time
with her. today i met my sister (sophia),
my nephew (elohim), and my brother-in-
law (rocky). Today was very
fun! Mon , Feb 18 2013 Today I went to go see my grandma
and my sister that died graves, today
was a very emotional. The whole car ride
i was crying becuase i have didnt see
them before they died, Most of day I
cried, today i went to another part of guyana to see my other sister and her son, and my cousins grandma had an early thanksgiving so i spent the night there. We had a party becuase my cosuisn birthday past and my birthday was tomorrow, when everyone left the people that was gonna stay by my cosuins grandmas house went to her front porch and they were telling storys untill we slept. It was so much fun telling storys,
but then i had to go back to
my aunts house. Wed, Feb 13 2013 Tues, Feb 19 2013 My cousins and I went to the airport, while
boarding the plane many emotions were going through my head. I was nervous, anxious, and yet happy. It took a couple minutes for everybody to settle down in the airplane, when everybody was settled and seated the pilot said to put on our seat belts on, Then slowly we started go up in the air, when we were finally in the air the flight attendants started handing out blankets and food, the food was good, and one of the flight attendant put on a movie for all the passengers to watch. A couple hours went by and the
passengers started to fall asleep. Wed, Feb 20 2013 Soon the sun came out and the airplane slowly
started to land. We got off the airplane and we went through security and when I came out side of
the airport my cousin drove us to their home, when we got there i told my aunt i wanna go see my grandpa, so we drove there but while we were driving me and my three cousins got into a car accident, thankfully everyone was safe and okay but the car was damaged. So me and my two cousins had to take a taxi there. When my grandpa saw me he was SO happy! I wanted to spend some time with him, my brother, and my sister-in-law, so i slept over at my grandpa's house. Today I met my brothers (Simon
& David), Sister (Theresha), Sister-in-law (Krishma),
and my niece & nephew (Vishonn & Tennesha) Thurs, Feb 21 2013 Today when i was sleeping and i heared my cousin say ''dont wake her up!'' so i got up when i walked out side in the living room i saw my whole family and they had presents in their hand and and my big brother had a cake in his hand and birthday music was playing, I was so happy for the rest of the day i hanged by my aunt, but in the night my aunt brought me and my cousins to OMG! steak house
it was so good! Wed, Feb 27 2013 Today im coming back to Canada so i had a morning flight so i had to wake up 5:00am and in Canada that is about 4:00am so i had tomwake up take a shower and get dress, then i found out that our flight was not a straight flight so we had to stay in Trindad & Tobago for 3 hours then we got back on the plane and it took 6-8 hours and when i got home i went staright to be.d i went by my moms adopted daughter her name is jonie, i met her kids, she has one daughter and one son, it was very nice to meet them, and i hope i can see them again, i also bought burgers from this place, the burgers were really good! :) :) :) today me and cousins stayed my aunts house all day because it was raining all day, well not all day but once ended in the next five minutes it will start pouring rain again, and me and my cousin had to take care of my cousins baby (natalie). It was pretty easy at the starting but then she got hungry and there was a huge mess Sat, Feb 23 2013 Today i woke really early, becuase today was mashramani, mashramani is the guyanese version of caribana, when i got to mashramani i got shaves ice, it surprised me becuase it actullay tasted good! '' '' Fri, Feb 22 2013 today i went to go see my cousin grandma, she was a grandma to me becuase she liked my more than her own grand daughter, when i got there i my aunt told me that she had memory loss. It was sad becuase shebdidnt rememeber a rhing about anyone, if you tell her your name now in the next five minutes she would forget it, me and my cousins were crying so much today. Tues, Feb 26 2013 today i just stayed by
my aunts house and
started packing to go
back home to canada. today i went to a place called
my aunt said "they have a HUGE swimming pool" when we got there we changed off to go in side, my couins jumped in and she came out of the pool frozen, because the water was SO cold! but we had lots of fun Sun, Feb 24 2013 today i went to a place in guyana called berbice to say " bye" to my relatives there, my sister was sad she didnt get to spend much time with me, but she will when i go back! Mon, Feb 25 2013 The End!
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