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Novel Project

Nick E.

on 5 November 2015

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Transcript of Hideout

Meat Picture Explanation
I chose the picture of a piece of meat because it is very important to the falling action of the story. I know this because the author wrote, “If Palomino’s theory was right and Luthor had been passed to Slovak then the mutt was hidden here somewhere, within smelling distance of a big juicy twenty-seven-dollar steak!” (Korman, p. 195). This event connects to the falling action of the story because it led to Luthor getting into the hands of Swindle and his comrades. The piece of meat drew out Luthor which led the man to find him and take him away. The author also wrote, “Uh-oh. A yawn confirmed it. Ben could feel the irresistible drowsiness stealing into him like a blanket coming down over him” (Korman, p. 194). This event is also important to the falling action of the story because if the piece of meat hadn’t drawn the ferret that Ben uses to stay awake, Ben would have been able to stop the man from getting to Luthor which would have resulted in a different ending to the story. The man who bought the piece of meat to attract Luthor was smart. The lesson in this is if you are trying to find an animal then a good way to search for it is get a strong smelling piece of meat or other food.
Spy Picture Explanation
I chose the picture of someone spying in bushes because it is a major part of the falling action of the story and affects the ending to the story. I know this because the author wrote, “Crouched in the cover of the bushes, they circled the outside.” (Korman, p.248). This quote shows that when the kids were trying to be stealthy, the bushes offered a place of protection where they could talk about their plan out of sight from Swindle. I also know this because the author wrote, “She shot him a questioning shrug, but by then he and the other team members had ducked out of sight in the bushes.” (Korman, p.244). This shows that the bushes basically saved the kids from being seen by Swindle. If the bushes had not been there to hide them from sight, surely Swindle would have seen them and they would not have been able to show the judge evidence at the end of the story. I can infer that bushes are a good hiding place. If you ever need to hide to spy on someone, bushes are a good choice because they can keep you out of sight, but you can see what is going on. The kids in this story were smart in finding bushes to hide in while they were spying on Swindle.

Korman, Gordon. Hideout. New York: Scholastic, 2013. Print.
Quote Explanation
The main idea is that when Melissa’s phone went off, it led to further events and changed the outcome of the story, so it is part of the falling action. I know this because the author said, “And then fate took a hand. Melissa’s phone, which had gotten them so far, issued a low-battery warning in the form of three staccato beeps and a warble.” (Korman, p.263). This event is important to the falling action of the story because after the beep sounded, pandemonium broke out. The whole house became very loud, and then the kids’ parents returned after hearing such a loud noise. So, this event helped the parents find the kids in the end. Secondly, when the loud noise went off, it woke up the whole house which they were trying to be very quiet through. I know this because if Melissa’s phone hadn’t gone off, the ending of the story would have been much different. They would have been able to find Luthor easily because Swindle would have been asleep. Then the kids could have gone straight to court and shown the judge their evidence against Swindle. I can infer that the ending of the story would have been much different if the beep did not occur on Melissa’s phone. A lesson learned from this is that if you are trying to be stealthy and very quiet, then you should probably turn off your phone and any other electronic devices so they don’t interrupt your search.
The End!
Dog Treat Picture Explanation
I chose the picture of a dog treat. A dog treat is important to the rising action of the story and a part of a small conflict the main character faces, which leads to the major conflict. I know this because the author wrote, “What he drew out instead was a Puppy Treat he had brought for Luthor. Darren’s eyes bulged (Korman, p. 46) This event is extremely important to the plot and conflict because if Griffin didn’t pull out a puppy treat, Darren would not become as suspicious that they were hiding a dog at the camp. It is also important to the rising action because it is the first event that leads to even more conflicts. I also know that it lead to other conflicts and events because Darren went on a search to find Luthor. Darren’s search to find Luthor lead to him finding Luthor and almost catching Griffin and Savannah. If that would have happened, the story would have ended extremely early and there would not be as many events in the story, therefore making it very important in leading to a chain of events throughout the whole story. When Griffin took the dog treat out of his pocket on accident, he had a hard time picking up the pieces and stopping the conflict from happening. I can relate this to real life because if you reveal strong evidence against your idea, it will be tough to stop worse events from happening.
by: Gordon Korman
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A female Doberman Pinscher with a docked tail and cropped ears.

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Meat PNG Picture

Vector - Detective Private Investigator Spy Spying in the bushes. Vector Illustration Cartoon.

Wooden Court Gavel

Clip art planning

Kid Jail Clipart

I chose the picture of a doberman. A doberman is important to the whole entire story plot and especially the conflict of the story. I know this because the author wrote, “I only care about Luthor” (Korman, p.237). This event is extremely important to the conflict of the story. This shows that the whole reason the main characters went through all of the conflicts in this story was to find Luthor, a doberman, and prevent an evil guy from getting him. It also shows the reason they did that was because they loved Luthor. I also know the doberman is important to the story because the characters in the story kept moving Luthor from place to place to save him. If the characters hadn't paid attention and they didn't care about the fate of Luthor then the doberman would not be significant to the story. There would also be no conflicts in the story at all because the whole story is written about the doberman. I can infer that if there is someone you love such as a pet animal, then they are very important to you and you will do anything to save that animal. I have learned that people will do anything for the ones they love and that is what the characters in this story did for their beloved doberman, Luthor.
Doberman Picture Explanation
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