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Social Media

No description

Jessica Murphy

on 30 July 2015

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Transcript of Social Media

"You are what you share"
Why Should SMFNL use Social Media?
It is a low cost promotional tool for non-profit organizations
It can be useful building awareness around a cause and educating the community
It can broaden an organization's reach
It allows the organization to connect with a diversified audience
It can intensify interaction between the organization and its supporters and stakeholders
What are the Benefits of Using Social Media?
1. "Like" as many organizations associated with Newfoundland & Labrador school district as possible
2. Invite friends, friends of friends, acquaintances, family, and colleagues to like the page
3. Promote the Facebook page using various other media forms and offline communication channels
4. Include Facebook "Like" button on the foundation's website
5. Fill out your page with searchable information
6. Cross promote on other social media websites
7. If feasible, use Facebook ads to expand reach
Social Media
SMFNL's Current Social Media
School Milk Foundation of Newfoundland & Labrador
SMFNL's Facebook Page
Connect with a larger audience
Build a fan base with a greater number of "likes" and followers
Make consistent posts with accurate, interesting, and relevant content
Once you have developed a larger network, make constant engagement a priority
Big improvement in comparison to the Facebook page
SMFNL's Twitter Page
Used for professional networking
LinkedIn gives businesses and organizations an online community to meet, socialize, interact, and learn from each other
Cross Connections
Google +
Pinterest is used widely by the female realm, but is becoming more popular amongst both genders
Instead of "likes" and "follows", Pinterest consists of "pins"
Pinterest is an interactive, online bulletin board
Beneficial for posting promotional videos
Useful for highlighting community activity via multimedia
Effective tool for connecting across other social media platforms, email, and general websites
Videos can be searched by name and can attract fans, subscribers, followers
Videos can provoke comments and conversation
Should SMFNL be using Additional Social Media Platforms?
Improving the Twitter Page
After Analyzing Different Social Media Channels...
Strategic Messaging
Limited social media presence
Not updated consistently
There is a need for more interaction, discussion, personality, and engagement
Focused solely on Twitter without factoring in that age and audience differs across social networking platforms
There is ample room for growth
Improving the Facebook Page
How will this be implemented?
More "followers" compared to Facebook
Re-tweets, tweets, favorites, and interaction occurring amongst current connections
Relevant and educational topics and articles tweeted
Not enough hash tags (#) utilized
Lacking content and interaction on foundation's promotions and programs
More engagement and variety necessary with different schools. I.e., less than 10 different schools were acknowledged since the Twitter page was created
More consistency necessary
Jessica Murphy
It's a powerful tool for connecting directly with consumers, stakeholders, fans, and organizations with similar values and messages
By developing and sharing relational content on social media, non-profit organizations can maximize their ability to reach supporters and build relationships
In a
virtual society,
without a strong social media presence, you are practically invisible
Hasn't been updated since January
Little to no public engagement whatsoever
Develop a personality or virtual identity
Don't be limited to 140 characters
Share information via hyperlinks
Post interesting and consistent updates relating to the organization's cause
Highlight work taking place in the community, in schools, and around the province
Use hash tags - hash tags are designed to group like content and make posts capable of being computationally searched
1. "Follow" NL schools, teacher pages, student pages
2. Follow organizations associated with health, farming, food, or milk in the province
3. Tell friends, friends of friends, acquaintances, family, colleagues, and employees associated with the cause to follow the page
4. Include a visible Twitter button on the SMFNL's website
5. Cross promote on other social media websites
6. Promote using offline communication
7. Use promotions and incentives to engage stakeholders
8. Comment on relevant news and tweets
Be patient
- social media growth is progressive and doesn't happen over night
If there is an interest in connecting directly with K-12 students for programs or promotions, Instagram is the way to go

Owned by Facebook
Instagram is a fast photo sharing social media platform used worldwide where photos can be altered, filtered, and enhanced
Though it's a great social media platform, time and effort would be better spent on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & LinkedIn
The combination of Facebook and Twitter will be
useful for an educational and promotional standpoint in NL
What has happened since April 8th?
Next in line for potential and future growth...
Offer a unique perspective
Your communications should reflect the social media platform
Visuals enhance your communications
Give people a reason to engage. Make your content informative and entertaining and people will share it
Timely and relevant content leads to higher levels of engagement. Stay on top of current events and be aware of what is motivating your audience.

"Be real. People appreciate real conversation, so be human and communicate with a genuine voice"
(PR Writer’s Guidebook Vol. 1. Brian Green)
ISSN 1546-0193
Number of followers
Number of likes
Number of tweets
Number of re-tweets
Number of shares
Comments & Conversation
Number of connections
Direct mentions or "tags"
Jessica Murphy
What does a LinkedIn page look like?
User friendly and used often by schools, students & teachers
Measuring Social Media Success
In a
virtual society,
without a strong social media presence, you are practically invisible
Stockhausen, Megan Amanda
(Bankert, S. L. 2014)
Number of favorites
It's important to utilize the tools and resources readily available on social media platforms
Google + is widely used by educators and university students for cross collaboration
From a promotional standpoint, it would generate less reach than Facebook or Twitter
More complex than other forms of social media - less user friendly
Less advantageous for promotional purposes
It is a good idea to keep the website updated with relevant and engaging content
I.e., pictures, updates on promotions and contests, shout outs to schools, acknowledgments to participants, volunteers, supporters
Employees should add social media icons to their email signatures
It's quite simple!
Make Social Media a Priority
Bankert, S. L. (2014). Social media as a relationship building tool for non-profit organizations (Order No. 1572274). Available from ProQuest Dissertations & Theses Global. (1650585314). Retrieved from http://search.proquest.com/docview/1650585314?accountid=12378
Google imaging: https://www.google.ca/imghp?
Kietzmann, J.H. Hermkens, K. McCarthy, I.P, Silvestre, B.S Buiness Horizons, Social Media? Get Serious! Understanding the Functional Building Blocks of Social Media. 54.3 (2011) 241-251

LinkedIn screen shots: https://nonprofit.linkedin.com/
Prezi imaging: https://prezi.com
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The Role of Marketing in Social Media: How Online Consumer Reviews Evolve. Yubo Chena, Scott Fayb, Qi Wangc. Volume 25, Issue 2, May 2011, Pages 85–94. http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S1094996811000041
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