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The Views of Suffing in the Eyes of Buddhism..

No description

Jesus Abel

on 5 March 2011

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Transcript of The Views of Suffing in the Eyes of Buddhism..

The views of suffering in the eyes of buddhism t h u g L i f e & this is the story of armani, a buddhist girl.. ..whos life ended after she got shot in a drive by she was only 27 when she died.. but her life has two storys. she was a pimp ..and know as one of the best drug dealers around here is the story of the bad side.. armani would put money over everything. never thinking thAT KARMA WOULD CATCH UP TO HER.. but it did. after she got shot, her soul wonderer arounde. waiting to be reincarnated... she woouls steel with out regetr She would most likey have to life a life of pain abd suffering accoring to the buddhism religon, because she was bad. she would most likely be reencarnated into an animal or a bad life . (karma is the universal law of couse and effect.) armani waould contuine to be reborn till she found nirvana Nirvana is true iner peace this peace is found when someone findes iner peace and ends there suffering. (reincarnation is being reborn again and again to clean your heart and soul.) but then armani changed 1. right understaing 2. right intention 3. right speech 4. right action 5. right livelihood 6. right effort 7. right midefullness 8. right concentration after armani began to follow the 8-fold path her life began to change for good. she reincared once again, ..but this time it was a good person. a person who was helpful and careing armani had to go thought the 8-fould path to chanfe she helped hungry and the less fortunate... soon she got old and die, but because she had done good in this life she was abel to find nirvana and die happy.(: the end.
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