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Levinson's Approach to Adult Development

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Katie Hine

on 11 August 2014

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Transcript of Levinson's Approach to Adult Development

Levinson's Approach to Adult Development
Stages of Adult Development According to Levinson
4. Late Adult transition (60+)
– as none of the men studies by Levinson was older that 47 at last contact the theory becomes sketchy after the midlife transition.

From the Literature, The Seasons of a Mans Life
Stages of Adult Development According to Levinson
b. Age 50 transition (50-55)
– Similar to the age 30 transition. The period may be a time of crisis especially if a man went through the midlife transition with little change.

c. Culmination of middle adulthood (55-60)
– this part of life may be one of great fulfillment and is much like settling down phase of early adulthood
What about Men Vs Women?
Complexity of a Womans "dream"

Theories relating to women development are limited however from the study there has been one interesting difference has emerged. Findings revealed
that, overall women's dreams had greater complexity than Men's.

Problems and Limitations
Who is Daniel Levinson?
Psychologist Daniel Levinson (1920-1994) was a professor of psychology at Yale University School of Medicine from 1966-1990.

He was one of the founders of of Positive Adult Development, a concept still relevant and widely used today
Early Adulthood Cont.

b. Age 30 transition (28-33)
- the age 28 marks the age 30 transition, a five year span that is often a time of crisis when flaws in the life structure become apparent and new choices must be made.

c. Settling down (33-40)
– this stage a man is no longer a novice and they now work at furthering their career and gaining prestige. Establishing a place in society and building a good life is also included in this section
Stages of Adult Development According to Levinson
Stages of Adult Development According to Levinson
1. Early Adulthood (17-45)
- early adulthood begins during the transition from adolescence when its time to move out of the adolescent world

a. Entering the adult world (22-28)
- during this phase a man works to establish himself in the adult world, where he is considered a novice. Interestingly during this period most of Levinsons men married and established a home and family
Stages of Adult Development According to Levinson
2. Midlife Transition (40-45)
– at 40 the midlife transition begins and a man starts to enter into middle adulthood. Reflection of their life so far and realisation of failure of early aspirations. Life structure comes into question, and it’s usually a time of crisis in the meaning, direction and value of each person’s life. Life structure changes as new choices are made.
Stages of Adult Development According to Levinson
3. Middle Adulthood (40-65)
– like early adulthood, middle adulthood consists of two stable phases divided by a transitional phase

a. Entering middle adulthood (45-50)
– life may be more satisfying and productive than any other time with conflicts from the midlife transition resolved. For some these years are filled with growth and for others it’s a period of stagnation and decline
Reflection and Discussion
Think about your own life. Where do you fit in in the stages of development? Is it relevant and true to you?

Could this theory change over time?
Adult Development and Aging
, Second Edition, Marion Perlmutter & Elizabeth Hall (1992)

The Impact of 'the Dream' on Women's Experience of
the Midlife Transition
Lynette E. Minter and Curtis A. Samuels (1998)


Understanding Devleopment during the Early Adult Years: A Composite Framework
, Marilyn Thomas & George Kuh (1982)

Seasons of a Man's Life
, Daniel Levinson (1986)

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