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the nervous system

No description

Dawson Eagle

on 9 October 2014

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Transcript of the nervous system

The brain is the chief organ of the nervous system
spinal cord
also part of the central nervous system
The Nervous System
What is the nervous system?
The function of your nervous system is to coordinate the activity's of your body
The brain is part of the central nervous system along with the spinal cord
transmits impulses to the peripheral system
controls reflexes like trying to get away

the part of the brain that controls thoughts
and reason
it is deviated into two hemispheres
the left is dedicated to education such as math and science and math
the right is dedicated to imagination and musical and artistic awareness
Peripheral Nervous System
Carries information and notification to function to the other cells. It also consists of other systems within itself.
Central Nervous System
onsists of the brain, spinal cord, and peripheral system.
Connect to physical parts of the body allowing the body to move as it does.
The End

3 Fun Facts
1.The human brain has more nerve cells than the Milky Way has stars.
2.The eyes are a part of the nervous system working along with the brain.
3.In the brain there are a hundred billion neurons.
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