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Hung Sang Ting

on 15 December 2014

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Transcript of Biography

The Bipartisan Consensus
39th President of the united states
served in the navy until hes pap died and then had to go back to run the family business.
carter based his campaign on doing the right thing.
Dec 12. 1974 carter announced his candidacy for the united states president.
Ronald Wilson Reagan
The 40th President of the United States (1981–89)
He was a member of the Democratic Party, but due to the parties' shifting platforms during the 1950s, he switched to the Republican Party in 1962.

New political and economic policies: reduce tax, control money supply,etc.

George Herbert Walker Bush is the 41st president (1989.01.20-1993.01.20 of USA. He was a soldier in WWII. The best war he had won is the Gulf war against Iraq. However he lost the voting against Clinton because he is really good at war but not at economy.
Voters stayed away

After the disastrous war in Vietnam came the scandals of Watergate. There was a deepening economic insecurity for much of the population, along with environmental deterioration, and a growing culture of violence and family disarray.
In recognition of this, perhaps only vaguely conscious of this, voters stayed away from the polls in large numbers, or voted without enthusiasm.
Contragate scandal
In Nicaragua, CIA organized a unterrevolutionary force (Contras), which isn't popular, to have a secret war to overthrow the Sandinista, a popular, but left wing communist government.

Reagan told a number of lies about their operation, to hide the purpose to free hostages in Iron by sailing them weapons to get money to fund Contras.

Reagan's popularity inside U.S. and credibility in foreign affairs dropped dramatically when the scandal appeared on a magazine.
Economics Problem of Bush
In 1990, Americans economy falls really quickly, and Bush can only raise the taxes to save USA, but this move made him lost his promise of never raising the taxed.
The elect of Bush and Clinton
"Sadat was a great and good man, and his most bitter and dangerous enemies were people who were obsessed with hatred for his peaceful goals"
Casrter said this after President Sadat of Egypt was assasinated by a religious muslim fanatic. By his own people. The religious fanatics did not want Egypt to make peace with Israel even though they got back the Sinai peninsula from Israel.

William Rehnquist
"Poor people could be forced to pay for public education (education was not "a fundamental right")
"U.S. invasions were often justified to "protect" citizens, but when four churchwomen were killed by government-sponsored death squads in El Salvador in 1980, there was no U.S. intervention."(Chapter 21)
Bush and President Reagan
Young Bush in WWII
In this picture we can see how many
people vote for Bush and Clinton.

An unknown terrorists bombed a discotheque in West Berlin and killed a U.S. serviceman. The White House blamed Qaddafi, the government leader in Libya, and decided to rataliate.
Libya Bombing
William Rehnquist
1. First named to the Supreme Court by Richard Nixon
2. Made chief justice by Ronald Reagan

3. Brought back the death penalty
4. Reduced the rights of detainees against police powers
5. Prevented doctors in fderally supported family planning clinics from giving women information on abortions
(In the Reagan-Bush years)

Camp David peace accord
Carter brought together President Sadat of Egypt together with prime minister Begin of Israel to sing a peace treaty. Sadat was later assassinated by a fanatic egyptian.
This peace treaty was historic.
Sinai peninsula is between Egypt and Israel. Israel gave back the peninsula to Egypt and Egypt recognized Israel's right to exist.
Carter,Sadat, begin
U.S. always has a reason of invasion, but all for its own benefit. It always goes to the other end, break out the humanity and violates the law.
In May 1988, President Ronald Reagan travelled to Moscow for his 4th summit with Mikhail Gorbachev.
William Rehnquist
Muammar Gaddafi
a Libyan revolutionary and politician, and the de facto ruler of Libya for forty-two years.

Gaddafi was a controversial and highly divisive world figure.

Internationally condemned as a dictator and autocrat whose authoritarian administration violated the human rights of Libyan citizens.

Supported irredentist movements, tribal warfare and terrorism in many other nations.
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