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Types of Teams in the public services:

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Jonny Gore

on 17 December 2013

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Transcript of Types of Teams in the public services:

Types of Teams in the public services:
I will analyse weather teams in the police are ;
Formal or Informal,
What Size the teams are,
And last but not least weather they are Permanent groups.
The armed response policing unit is made up of normal Police Constables or any other officers who are have been specially trained in armed response. This team is only together when they're needed, but when they aren't needed they distribute themselves to other tasks and roles and only form in a team for specialist tasks,and continue with their normal lives. Usually this group is of a medium size, however depending on the task set the number of officers needed can change from task to task.
Armed Response Specialist Unit
This is an Informal team and is only made a group when a murder or any other crimes are serious enough for the team to form. The team will be made up of a mixture of detectives and PC's. The team is not permanent and those who are members of this squad will go back to any regular duties after the crime is solved. This squad is usually made up of 15-20 people.
Homicide and serious crime squad
Dog Unit
The dog support unit varies in size as it depends on how big the police force is in that area and what the area is like so for example, the Metropolitan police will need more dogs than somewhere like Hampshire police. It is generally a formal team that is used in many different crimes. When not trying to solve a crime with the dog unit and the other police officers, the team members spend time training the dogs. It is also known as a permanent group as they constantly have the same fixed role as their day to day job.
Football Hooligan Response team.
These are in-formal teams normally, and normally PC`s that are in RIOT teams attend football matches and try to stop football matches getting out of hand and to protect other innocent spectators from the violence. For example if Oxford were Drawn against The mighty Royals of Reading then their would be a heavy prescense of of police at the game. The team would be made up of around 250 Police Officers from all over the country.
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