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Tyler Ferber

on 19 October 2012

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Transcript of Matter

Matter the "stuff" out of which everything is made like what? Pure Substances all the atoms or molecules of a substance are identical Elements Compounds but take a closer look everything is composed of
smaller particles called atoms 24 K gold is a pure substance because it only contains gold atoms contains only one type of atom what is a molecule? multiple atoms bonded together contains only one type of molecule (each molecule is identical but the molecule contains different elements) shiny, conductive, ductile, malleable
ex: iron (magnetic), copper, aluminum dull, brittle, non-conductive,
ex: oxygen, neon you see this but up close it
looks like this Mixtures a substance containing more than
one type of atom or molecule Homogeneous
Mixture Heterogeneous
Mixture you cannot see the
different parts the different parts can be seen contains sugar, water, koolaid but you cannot
see different parts (ignore ice in picture mixed properties
ex: silicon - conductive but brittle
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