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on 13 May 2014

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Transcript of Clocky

"Need Market"
Reverse the "bad affects" of the snooze alarm
Promotion and Place
Profit per Unit
Breaking Even
(All units are rounded up because you need to sell a whole product to receive the money)

A) mass merchandisers:
1) Walmart: $600,000/$18.06 = 33,223 Clockys to break even
2) Target:$600,000//$14.02=42,796 Clockys to break even

B) specialty retailers:
Brookstone: $600,000/$9.06 = 66,226 Clockys to break even

C) direct to consumers:
Nanda’s website: $600,000/$29.3= 20,478 Clockys to break even

Brand Positioning: Uniqueness
Clocky as new face of alarm clock
Stability and sleep regulation
Transform negative outlook
Waking up successfully
a fad!
Make Clocky a
In Fall of 2004, while studying at M.I.T., Gauri Nanda created the first design for Clocky.
"Having the alarm clock hide from me was just the most obvious way I could think of to get out of bed"
- Gauri Nanda
How to Market?
P = TR - TC

TC = $15 + $1( shipping) + $1(warehousing/packaging) + $1(credit card) = $18
15% (returns) = $18 * .15= $2.70
UVC= $18 + $2.7 = $20.70

A) mass merchandisers:
1)Walmart Markup:129%, total revenue ($50/1.29)= $38.76
profit from Walmart: $38.76- $20.70= $18.06
2)Target: 144%, total revenue = ($50/1.44) = $34.72
profit from Target: $34.72- $20.70= $14.02
B) specialty retailers:
Brookstone:168%, total revenue= ($50/1.68)= $29.76
profit from Brookstone: $29.76- $20.70= $9.06
C) direct to consumers:
Nanda’s website: No markup
profit from Nanda’s website: $50- $20.70= $29.30

Give Clockys to writers
Google Ads
Target, Bed Bath & Beyond, Brookstone, Online
Launch Strategy:

Sophisticated design
product features
volume/alarm adjustment
flashing time on screen
sleek packaging
batteries and warranty
Computer chip and wheels
$50 retail price
profit varies depending on distribution channel
Target Audience
26-45 years old
Working individuals attempting to balance work and social
Struggle with stress and sleep deprivation
Stimulating senses early in the morning, both physically and mentally.
More time in the day to feel accomplished
General Electrics' snooze alarm clock
has conquered the market since it’s introduction in 1956
Clocky resolves tardiness, dissatisfaction, and decreased amount time in day
Need for extra time
No previous grudge
The 4 P's of a successful launch plan include:
well made and desirable product
price that is both profitable and accessible to customers
sold through various distribution outlets
promotion in a cost effective way to increase awareness and stimulate sales.

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