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Marine Bio: Algae

A short presentation on marine algae.

Leah Mancuso

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of Marine Bio: Algae

by Leah Mancuso & Michael Dowell Marine Algae: The Basics Red Algae Types of Red Algae Types of Red Algae cont. -classified in the phylum of chlorophyta -There are three different types of marine algae:
green, red, and brown.
-Red algae is the most abundant type
of algae

-Irish Moss
->Has a chemical used in production of
ice cream, pudding, and toothpaste
-Prop Roots Green Algae Marine Algae -Red and green algae are multicellular seaweeds,
also called macroalgae.
-In the phylum "Rhodophyta" -The pigments in red algae let it live at great depths ->also used in petri dishes to raise bacteria -Mangroves ->Three types of mangrove trees: red, white, and black ->Grow close together and form swamps and islands ->Hold mangroves in the sand ->Provide a unique habitat for organisms ->Trap organic debris for organisms to consume -Seedpods
->Can grow up to 12cm in length ->Can float ->Start new mangrove communities -Often found on rocky bottoms -Absorb water by osmosis as they do not have a root system, stems, or leaves. Types of Green Algae -Enteromorpha ->Green algae found in intertidal zone ->Resembles moss ->Can live in salt and freshwater environments -Acetabularia ->Large, single celled seaweed -Can reach 8cm in length Types of Green Algae cont. -Codium ->Branch-like ->Attaches to rocky bottom ->Dangerous to shellfish environments Brown Algae -Part of the phylum phaeophyta -Known for brown, dark green colors -Color is a mix of yellow and green pigments -Anchored to bottom with "holdfast", no roots -Used in food and beauty products Types of Brown Algae -Sargassum ->Have air bladders so they can float -Fucus ->Can float, which allows them to have more efficient photosynthesis Types of Brown Algae cont. -Kelp ->Largest type of seaweed ->Can reach length of 100 meters (328 ft) ->They grow 1/3 of a centimeter a day ->Used in many foods and medicines -Creates kelp beds, which can be a habitat for many organisms like sharks, shellfish, and sea otters.
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