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No description

Sean Fisher

on 23 September 2015

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Transcript of BLACK OPS 3

So in the campaign you will be playing as you, the main character, and your team mates. The team mates that you fight with are Ruin a cybernetic viking, Seraph a gangster with a big gun, Outrider an assassin with explosive weaponry, and Reaper a robot with weaponized, transforming arms. They are the team who gets the job done, and a Black Ops Squad. Since they introduced 4 people in the campaign you have an all new chance for a 4 player co-op campaign.
In multiplayer they have noticed how there wasn't enough weapons to use in the other games so they decided to throw in more weapons. In multiplayer you choose one of the 9 characters to use for a special ability though you still will be able to customize them. You can deck out your load out really good, for instance you can have 5 attachments on your weapon unlike other Cods ( Call of Duties). Compared to other Cods Black Ops 3 is more faster paced and they let you have more power so its helps to work as a team.
So if you have watch the reveal trailer you would have see at the end of the video that there will be zombies in the game. We would have showed you the video, but there is gore so it is not school appropriate.
Call Of Duty Black Ops 3!
Presented By Sean Fisher, and Scruffy Janitor (Moses Williams). We will be talking about the new upcoming game Black Ops 3.

You don't play as a normal grunt with a generic set of skin that you get. You are a highly skilled specialist soldier. You will have classes like normal black ops, but you won't spawn with different skins each time you die. There may be a facial feature that will scan your face through the Xbox kinect or a playstation eye. You could play a class that fits you. In the finalized touches of the game when it comes out there will be a total of nine specialists that you could play as. The specialist will have their own unique ability and weapon that you can equip before a match. So far people have only seen four specialists.
Literal pictures
This game is set somewhat off were Black Ops 2 ended. It is in the year 2065, and the world is battling over resources and food. There is 2 main groups: the Winslow Accord; and the Common Defense Pact. The main character works for a Black Ops squad. The main character will be you.

Any Questions?
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