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United Kingdom

No description

Danna Ortiz

on 21 December 2012

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Transcript of United Kingdom

United Kingdom Today I will visit United Kingdom. In U.K. I will see the Pennines mountain, Waltham & Epping Forest. They say that the mountain Pennines is really dry and looks looks endless. They say that Epping Forest is even drier, with lots of trees and not many people.The north sea borders U.K. Pennines Mountain Waltham Forest North
Sea Epping Forest On my way back I will visit London. Then I will need to cross the North Sea to be able to visit France, Denmark, Belgium, and Netherlands which are on the other side of North Sea. My trip to United Kingdom (England) In U.K. the climate changes day on day. So I will need to bring different kinds of clothing that you wear for Winter, Spring, Summer, or Fall. The main religion celebrated in United Kingdom is Catholic.

English is the main language spoken by people in U.K. The only difference is: Different spelling, and pronunciation. Hi!
I Speak English! While I was walking through, I came up by a store and they had signs that said " come in and buy some of our chalk or clay. Clay Chalk In WW II u.k. was filled w/ bombs and guns. That's why on January 1, 1973 united kingdom joined the european union. When I wanted to go buy a gift for my friend I realized that I couldn't pay with US Dollars $. So I needed to go to this money exchanging place, to exchange my $ dollars to pound. After that I was starving. So I was like "can we go eat now?" And I hear my friend say "sure why not get your fishing pole so we can go fishing, because here, we eat fish." So I had to wait as patient as I could so we could have caught fish. We caught 3 different kinds of fish for dinner we caught: cod fish, herring fish, and plaice fish. cod fish herring fish plaice fish & After we ate, we went to see a cricket game. It was AWESOME! It's just like baseball, but you don't hit the ball with a bat, you hit it with something else but, towards the ground like golf. I also saw some cultural events Then on December 26... it was awesome! We celebrated boxing day.We went to the store it was filled because this day is meant fore SALES! It's just like Black Friday shopping. On my way back I got lucky.... I GOT TO MEET QUEEN ELIZABETH II !!!!! After that we ate strawberries and cream for dessert. Because these are some products they export here.
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