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The great pyramid

Isel Santos

Mrs. Waggoner

on 19 November 2012

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Transcript of The great pyramid

The Egyptian Pyramids Pyramids were built as high as 450 feet.
The Great Pyramid was for king khufu.
It takes at least 2 million stone blocks
to build a pyramid. 20,000 men work to build the pyramid.
Most workers were farmers.
They worked from June through September. Egyptians were building the great pyramid. They worked really hard.
Mason's cut the stones from different tools. The ancient Egyptians built pyramids for many Egyptian Pharoahs build the pyramid on west side of the Nile River. The inside of the pyramids had gold and different
treasures. The Gallery was 153 feet long.
The mummies were buried inside the pyramid. This picture shows
about skilled workers. Architects designed the pyramids.
Surveyors made very careful measurements.
Metal workers made sharpened tools to chisel the rock. khufu! by Isel Santos
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