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Case Study 3: “Jean-Pierre Corniou of Renault Shows How to B

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Kenzu Kazaru

on 2 September 2014

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Transcript of Case Study 3: “Jean-Pierre Corniou of Renault Shows How to B

Case Study 3
Jean-Pierre Corniou of Renault Shows How to Bring Business Technology out into the Open

Group Members :

Mohd Akmal bin Roslee IS088021
Muhammad 'Aiman Saif bin Shamsul Rahman IS088028
Muhammad Syamil bin Mohd Sumairi IS088035
Mohd Shafiq bin Kamarudin IS088023
Muhamad Alif bin Abdul Jalil IS088026
Mohamad Akbar Fathi bin Ismail IS087985

CIO of Renault
talk about :
in managing
which is involve a lot of investment
1400 applications
were being
in their company.
Also the
management skills needed
by the CIO in company.
Summarise the
strategic approaches used in Renault to integrate IT
with the organisation.
From the way Jean-Pierre describes his approach to integrating IT,
produce a checklist of the attributes needed by a CIO or information Systems manager
to the list.
Build a team dedicated to marketing and communication
(it is to make sure everyone in the company fully aware of the content of the expenses)
Example : Costs on investing for fax, e-mail, mobile phone
Reason : ERP’s and websites cost – too much money was spent on products that people were not using

Being bilingual
To have credibility in business community, you have to know how the business operates
Spend a lot of time in plants(in discussions with foreman in the field) – understand how they use technology to increase their efficiency
Spend a lot of time in commercial departments – understand the key business processes
Renault – understand the complexity of the car industry

Blend the CIO of the company with the organisation
It is important to build an effect network with the peers
Be curious – IT could be difficult to understand or follow, but you need to have eagerness to learn.

Use technology to work with partners
The distance is not a problem – for example, use videoconferencing to communicate and work apart from the physically meeting. Able to do work including save time and cost.
Joining alliances – built or produce new product with the help from others by their knowledge or skills.

1. Lack of visibility and transparency of IT

Large companies have a problem lacking of visibility and transparency of IT which may lead lack of confidence in the CIO
CEO having difficulties in understanding the needs for investment in products and quality in product
WHY?? Because they don't understand why should investment be made in IT because it is
not transparent and visible enough

2. End users are lack of skills / knowledge

doesn't invest more money on training people to use products
Spent month & years in developing something, and have desire proceeding to the next phase of development but
end users has not been trained

3. Push for new technology
IT people has to be totally business driven & result diven, not tecnology driven

Finding out the real value of technology

Bringing IT to the business community

CIO has to be embedded in the day to day life of the organization & have to seat on the board
The difficulty in understanding IT operations in the organization
What does Jean-Pierre see as the
challenges of integrating IT into the organisation
Push For New Technology
Push for increasing their revenue

Based on the case study, there are many challenges that occur when integrating IT in the organization, therefore information in an organization should be exchanged equally among the staffs to ensure each of them understand the business process.

Besides that, CIO has to know his job scope entirely to ensure that he manage his team well and able to act professionally in making decision to achieve the goal of the company strategic planning.
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