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Interactive Notebooks in Math

No description

Patricia Maia

on 25 July 2013

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Transcript of Interactive Notebooks in Math

Interactive Notebook Math
Step 4
Table of Contents starts on the back of page vof the goal sheet and label this page 1 (left hand side)the right hand side 2, and repeat making the left side odd and the right side even up to page 6. Label 5 columns

Margin/symbols Date Math topic/Title Page Grade

Interactive Notebooks in Math
What? IN is a personalized text book of your learning in math class. it includes Teacher input and student output.
Why? IN encourage using both sides of your brain to make learning easier. It is a working portfolio of your progress. IN help organize thinking and communication of ideas.
Make your notebook a
reflection of yourself and math.
Step 1
Step 2
Glue rubric and guidelines to the
inside front cover. Highlight
important words to help you
with your organization and grade
on your notebook.
Step 3
The first piece of lined paper label the page i, next page ii, iii, iv, up to v for introductory and glue your Math Autobiography on page i. On Page v
Write your math goals for quarter 1.
Use colored pencils and crayons to make the pages come alive.
Use the mathematical practices to help guide your problem solving, thinking and reasoning.
Use diagrams, charts, and pictures to help with math concepts.
Step 6
on page 7 glue your talent graph; Reflect on how well you did and what improvements you could make; on page 8 write the notes for what makes a good graph; make sure you include what T. A. I. L. S. stands for.

Always bring your Interactive Notebook to class. If your absent, make sure you stop by at lunch to get your missing work. Organize your work.
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