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Intro to the Semantic Web & Open Graph

Madison Web Developer Meetup

Dustin Cote

on 22 February 2012

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Transcript of Intro to the Semantic Web & Open Graph

Technology * UTF-1 – a retired predecessor of UTF-8,
maximizes compatibility with ISO 2022,
no longer part of The Unicode Standard
* UTF-7 – a 7-bit encoding sometimes used in e-mail,
often considered obsolete (not part of The
Unicode Standard, but rather an RFC)
* UTF-8 – an 8-bit variable-width encoding which
maximizes compatibility with ASCII.
* UTF-EBCDIC – an 8-bit variable-width encoding,
which maximizes compatibility
with EBCDIC.
* UTF-16 – a 16-bit, variable-width encoding
* UTF-32 – a 32-bit, fixed-width encoding The Semantic Web Stack : URI is simply a Web identifier:
like the strings starting with
"http:", "ftp:", "news:" or "mailto:" Unicode URI XML Transport and store data. RDF Resource Description Framework Intro Relational database (Presentation Level) Google Search: Requires Human Reasoning Unique ID's would help solve this,
allowing machines to reason & navigate Triples (Tuples) Subject -> Predicate -> Object
Subject -> Predicate -> "Literal" SomeDocument -> hasAuthor -> "John Smith" One-Line Example http://www.bar.com/some.doc -> bib:author -> "John Smith" RDF: Multi-Line Example http://www.bar.com/some.doc-> bib:author -> John_Smith
John_Smith -> bib:name -> "John Smith"
John_Smith -> bib:email -> "john@smith.com"
John_Smith -> bib:phone -> "+1 (555) 123-4567" RDF: A company's ontology Linking Ontologies Linked Open Data Oracle SPARQL : SPARQL is the query language of the Semantic Web. It lets us:

* Pull values from structured and semi-structured data
* Explore data by querying unknown relationships
* Perform complex joins of disparate databases in a single, simple query DEFINITION #1) A machine-readable Web

DEFINITION #2) Different data sets able to
extend or combine with other open data sets.

DEFINITION #3) An information network in
which the nodes are linked at the DATA level,
rather than at the PRESENTATION level. Ontology Ontologies:

1) OWL - Web Ontology Language
2) SKOS - Simple Knowledge Organization System
3) SIOC - Semantically Interlinked Online Communities
4) DOAP - Description of a Project
5) FOAF - Friend of a Friend
6) QUDT - Quantities, Units, Dimensions & Data Types
7) DC - Dublin Core

Upper Ontologies:
1) SUMO - Suggest Upper Merged Ontology
2) OpenCyc (Has 100,000 broad terms & millions of assertions OGP - Open Graph Protocol
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