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D Cifuentes

Incarnation Catholic

on 23 March 2015

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Transcript of Hemophilia

A person with this disease has a tendency to bleed excessively. That means to bleed a lot. Lets say you get a cut, when the bleeding stops you're seeing clothing action.
A bit about blood
If you're blood is healing properly, normally the platelets, (Sticky cells) go to where the bleeding is and sticks to it and covers the hole to fix it
The types of hemophilia
How do kids get it?
Hemophilia mostly affects boys. Its a genetic disorder. Its passed from mother to son. Boys get X chromosome and Y chromosome from their father. The children have a 50% chance of happening.
About Hemophilia
There are 2 types of hemophilia.
Type A and B. It depends on the clotting
factor they are low on. If someone produces
1% or less of the affected factor. In cases hemophilia is called severe.
I used Kidshealth.com,
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