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Non-fiction Project "Vietnam War"

This is a non-fiction project on a book I read entitled "Vietnam War"

Jackie McCoy

on 23 February 2011

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Transcript of Non-fiction Project "Vietnam War"

Non-Fiction Project "The Vietnam War"
a book by Kathlyn and Martin Gay By Jackie McCoy Main Idea and Key Details:
The main idea of the book was to
inform the reader of causes, affects,
and specific events that occured during
the Vietnam War. The authors purpose could be many things,
but some things that came to mind as a resonable possiblity
included to inform the reader of the important
historical event of the Vietnam War. Or perhaps
they knew somebody who fought in the war and wanted
to make their eperiances known to the world. Here are some facts that I learned from reading this book: 1) Before we became involved in
the war, we (America) provided
$15 million in military aid to the
French forces in Vietnam. 2) By June, 1965 we (America) had 75,000
troops in Vietnam. By the end of the same
year, there was almost 200,000. 3) By the end of 1966, there was almost 400,000 American troops. 4) The Viet Cong terrorists traveled
through tunnels underground & used many surprise attacts. 5) The war was fought in many different
locations including jungles, cities, hamlets,
and in the air. 6) Americans sprayed a chemical called AGENT ORANGE to decrease the jungle density growth. 7) By the end of the war, more then 2 million (2,000,000,000) Vietnamese were dead, and 50,000 Americans were dead. :'( Although this book is LOADED with
facts, it also has a few opinions that I
would like to mention. These include: 1) The peasants [of Vietnam] had little
hope for improvement, and were hardly
any better off then slaves. 2) The Americans seemed to be fighting an invisible enemy. 3) The paths, tunnels, and dug out caves resembled a highly systematized city. What do YOU think? This book is organized using chronological order. Everything is in the order that it happened! With some occasional "flashbacks" The author's tone is serious. The reader's mood is very sympathic and sad. Summary: Although this book was very sad, I felt like I learned a lot from reading it. It incorporated lots of interesting facts and opinions. It also included the causes, events, and outcome of the Vietnam War, with some important background information as well. In the book, it discusses some of the types of weapons that were used, and some of the types of battles fought. Not only does it discuss Vietnam’s feelings toward the war, but America’s feelings as well (and you might be surprised by what some citizens did and said to voice their opinions.) Overall, this was a very informative book, and I felt like I really learned a lot. Thanks for listening to my...
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